Mick and Bang Bang Ben get the WIN

Hereâ€s the final update on the picks contest as we had the Monday night game with Minnesota winning out over New Orleans 30-27. Mick and Bang Bang Ben are your winners with and all-time best record of (13-1).

Paul Lambeth was (10-4), Buzz was (10-4), Chuckyd and Kevin went (9-5), Big Jim Modlin closed it out at (8-6), NJM left one game out and finished (7-6), and Bro’Man ended up at (7-7).

The next picks page comes out this Thursday and Mick will doing the driving and Bang Bang Ben will be digging in at CiCi’s Pizza with the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet coming their way any day, just watch your mailbox and here comes that CiCi’s Pizza and Drinks……..

Quite a showing from Mick and the team and letâ€s see who is the “Last Man Standing”, when this series of matches is over.