Page gets back in the “W” column over Smith

Smith won the pregame toss and picked to receive the ball. Smith would move the ball on there first possession, from a about a 15 yard pass play, and 3 page penalties.. 2 being 15 yarders. But, the Pirates D would stop the Golden Eagles to a turnover on downs at the 25 yard line.

Page would then come out a little flat and be forced to punt the ball on there first possession. But after that the Pirates scored early and often.

Will Newman and the Pirate offense would capitalize on Smith’s turnovers. a 20 yard run by Lenny Gordon, a Newman pass to Tim Clay for about 35 yards for a TD, and Lenny Gordon punches one in from short. which would put the Pirates up 21-0 early.

Smiths QB #9 had a very nice play late in the 2nd quarter, as he cut his way to about a 45 yard pick up to inside the 10 yard line.  Smith would punch it in and go for 2, getting it.

Page would move down the field and get into the end zone again before the half. Newman’s pass to Perry Fryar for a TD. 28-8 at half.

Page would call off the starters for most of the 2nd half. And Matt Millisor would tack on 2 FG’s to make it 34-8. Smith would score at the end of the game on the Pirates 3rd string D. Making the score look a tad closer then it was.

The Page banner that the cheerleaders made that the team runs through at the beginning of the game, when they run to the sideline said, “Lets get this over with”. I guess that’s what they did. Put the game away early and rested the starters. Coach Gillespie has a lot of respect for opposing coaches and doesn’t run up the score. I’m sure Coach Brewington at Smith appreciates that.


Next week is the big game with the Page Pirates and the Grimsley Whirlies.

The Page offensive line and defensive front will be key in the game against the Whirlies.

The offensive line consists of,
Chris Jasperse 6’4 270lbs.
Russell Sineni 5’10 200lbs.
Josh Johnson 6’2 210lbs.
Will Fox 6’2 270lbs.
Aaron Ganoe 6’1 245lbs.