Looking back/Looking ahead

Looking back at the Page-Grimsley scene we need to look ahead and see where guys such as Will Newman, Matt Millisor, Chris Jasperse, Chase Johnson, Josh Black and others might be going next year.

Appalachian should take a long, long look at Will Newman the Page quarterback. Take him, put a red-shirt on him, and he could be your man or one of your main men in the future. The Appalachian-Elon game due up in Boone on November 15 is shaping up to be the game of the year in this part of the state. All the Phoenix and Mountaineers have to do is take care of business until the Big Day.

Terrible weekend for the Big Four teams with N.C. State, Wake Forest, Duke and North Carolina all going down in that order. Matt Millisor of Page would be a steal for Wake Forest. Millisor showed what he can really do in tough game situations against Grimsley last Friday night and Wake is hurting without Sam Swank and I’m not sure if the Popham can punt or kick consistantly. Millisor has a great right to left hook on his ball and it breaks with accuracy. Jasperse and the linebackers(Johnson and Black) would be a perfect fit for some college team. I could see Jasperse at a school the size of Elon, Western Carolina, or a Liberty and the LB’s could help a Fayetteville State, UNC-Pembroke(as DB’s), a Wingate, or even N.C. A&T.

Speaking of N.C. A&T, wouldn’t it be a crazy move if Coach Steven Davis made the jump from Dudley to the Aggies? Coach Davis could take Ricky Lewis Jr. with him and he could also load up on Panther linemen and take them across town from Lincoln to East Market Street. Josh Jones, Chris Neal, Darius Hall, and maybe at least 5 more Panthers could join Coach Davis at A&T. Coach Davis is an Aggie grad and he would make the fans proud. You say he doesn’t have college experience, but Coach Davis would do a better job than current Coach Lee Fobbs if you took a survey on the Aggie campus after last weekend’s Homecoming game.

A touch of East Carolina from Jim Modlin after Saturday’s Pirate 30-10 win over Memphis:
On the Importance of the Win:
“We needed this one. It was important for our morale because we had a tough nonconference schedule that beat us up a little bit. It was good to have the opportunity to come home and continue league play and now sit 2-1 in C-USA. The guys came to practice this week and worked hard, knowing that there was a lot left to play for. There are a lot of smiles in that locker room right now.”
On Pirate QB Rob Kass:
“I thought he did a pretty good job of managing the team. He made some nice throws out there. It probably isn’t a fair game to judge him on with the rain and weather being what it was. I still do not think we threw the ball well consistently today. We missed Dwayne Harris wide open for the touchdown in the second half. Some throws were strikes and some were way off.”
On What Won the Game for ECU:
“I think our defense played very well. I hate that Memphis lost two of their quarterbacks and I feel bad for Tommy [West]over there.

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