Madden to miss game tonight

By Bruce Bullington
Senior TV Critic

John Madden is going to miss tonight’s Seattle-Tampa Bay game. It’s going to be the first game he’s missed since becoming an NFL color analyst in 1980.

He says it’s just because he doesn’t want to take the bus across the country. Madden is notoriously afraid of flying, so he has to take a bus from city to city.

Hey John, you’re 72 years old. How about growing a pair and hopping on an airplane? It’s been almost 30 years since you’ve been on one. They’re pretty nice now. I’m willing to bet NBC will even pop for first class. Ask Al Michaels. Do you think that ego-maniac has seen the inside of coach since the Regan administration?

Better yet, John, take the bus and go home. You’re skills are slipping, and you don’t want to the embarrassment that Pat Summerall became at the end of his career, do you? You were once the best color man in the business, but now you’re just a caricature, a living parody of senseless ramblings and catchphrases. Witness the link below to see how little separation there is between the Frank Caliendo impression and the real deal.

How “Madden” spent his first Sunday off in 28 years.

Gas up the bus and head for home, John. You had a good ride, but it’s been over for a while now. Leave while you still have some dignity.