News & Record Thinks A&T Football Coach Is Getting Axed

As a person who has been fired before, I always hate seeing that someone is getting the axe. The News & Record is assuming that the Press Conference called by NC A&T will be used to announce that Lee Fobbs is getting fired. They got their sources, and I’m sure they are on target.

Coaches are required to coach, recruit and schmooze with the alumni. They are also expected to win on occasion by some schools. I’ve got a friend who is so rabid about Rich Rodriguez at Michigan that she is going to blow an artery. I suspect that Rodriguez will keep his job a little longer.

NC A&T Football has a BIG – I mean REALLY BIG – traditions. The lack of a winning football team could literally cost the University millions in alumni contributions. The school knows what needs to be done. The story in the News & Record indicates that Fobbs will get treated fairly. That will definitely help them in the efforts to find a new coach.