Nick Bollea(Hulk Hogan’s son) gets out of the slammer

Nick Hogan has been released from jail after serving more than five months of an eight-month sentence for felony reckless driving. He was released early for good behavior. “This has definitely been a learning experience,” said Gary Smith, who serves as Linda Bollea’s publicist. “He’s a new person. He’s a changed person, wanting to do something productive with his life.”

And by productive Smith means launch a new reality show. It will be very interesting to find out whether there were reality television cameras present when Nick was released from jail. Keep in mind that he and Hulk Hogan were recorded discussing their plans for a “New Nick” reality show shortly after Nick was sentenced.

We received a tip this morning from someone on the inside that knows GSPN’s Cecil Carr and they said Nick would be out quick and there you go, he’s out and about just before the first killing frost. Web reports from Jason Powell at

*****Brooke Hogan on her brother’s release from jail:
Brooke Hogan posted a blog on her brother Nick’s release from jail on Monday. “I can’t even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends…and I can’t believe how long I’ve gone without him,” Brooke wrote. “Not seeing him for six months has been really, really hard…without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when I’m having a bad day.”*****