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Piedmont Triad Sports Club Annual ACC Basketball Meeting

The Piedmont Triad Sports Club held it’s annual ACC basketball meeting today at The Blue Room of the Coliseum. The four “Big Four” schools sent a representative to discuss each one’s program.

North Carolina was represented by “the other voice ” of The ‘Heels, Jones Angel. The Tarheels are loaded thanks to their roster returning in tact, by not leaving for the NBA cash, along with five freshmen that don’t have to hurry to get ready.

Wake was represented by Assistant Coach Walt Corbean. The Deacons will be young and talented. Patience seemed to be the word of choice at Wake. Wake’s freshmen will need to get ready to play in a hurry.

Duke was lead by Coach K’s assistant Coach and son in law Chris Spatola. The Blue Devils are a year older and think they will be better, thanks to experience and a nice freshman class.
I wondered which had more pressure-being Coach K’s assistant or being called his son in law. All the married guys know the answer there.

N.C. State was well reprented by Assistant Coach Pete Strickland, who could quit his day job and go into stand up comedy. He has a well polished act and speaks well and enthusiastic about the ‘Pack. While complimentary of last years J.J. Hixon, he thinks the team might be more cohesive this year. He admits that handling “the one and outs” is difficult and creates challenges for all.

If you are interested in sports and you must be to be reading this on our site-I highly recommend The Piedmont Triad Sports Club. Call Barbara Forsyth at 668-4556 for more info. It is only $25.00 per year! Quite a bargain for food, fellowship and sports-sounds almost like Thanksgiving!

Although not a big photo op, I had our camera and took a few for our view.
Greensboro Sports’ 2008-10-23 photoset