Week No. 8’s NFL picks: The return of The Rat!‏?/CiCi’s Pizza Football contest

Week No. 8 will serve as the “bait” for my “NFL Rodent” picker. As you know, I swung into the largest rat in my house to do the pickin’ last week, having used up one of my cats’ nine lives the week before. Well, I didn’t have to stay up all night to decide to come back to the furry, cheese eating [12-2] creature for the half-way morsels. Put some EXTRA cheese on those CiCi’s Pizzas! Hang on loosely-here we go!
Surprising Buffalo heads to sunny South Florida for an AFC Division game. Miami surprises Buffalo and wins at home.
There are two winless teams left. One of them is Detroit. Until they play Cincinnati there is no chance I will pick them. Washington to win in the motorless city.
It’s fish and chips time, as San Diego and New Orleans head to London to showcase our brand of football. Both teams are coming off losses-New Orleans minus Reggie loses again to The Chargers.
Life and football are about timing-Tampa Bay is probably getting The Cowboys at the right time. The Bucs win on the road.
Oakland gets roughed up by Ray Lewis and the boys in Baltimore. It’s a long flight back to L.A.
Kansas City is desperate, but they are still a bad team-disfunction-junction, too! The Bretts-Jets win in NY.
New England beat SD last week and may have jet lag from the flight, but should still be good enough to beat St. Louis in Foxboro.
NFC West division leader, Arizona comes calling. Can you say show that you are one of the NFC’s elite teams, Carolina? Yes, they can-Carolina to win in scenic Charlotte.
This one is a terrific matchup. When in doubt-pick the team that needs the game more-Philadelphia to beat Atlanta with The World Series as the backdrop in Philly.
Cincinnati loses until further notice[do they play Detroit any time soon?] Houston to win at home.
OK 3-3 Jacksonville, it’s time to win the ones you are supposed to win-The Jags hit Cleveland in the mouth.
The best matchup of the weekend. Both teams at 5-1. Pittsburgh will out physical The NY Giants in Pa. and move to 6-1.
Mike Singletary got the job Monday-short notice, but The 49’ers are playing Seattle. The home team responds, at least this week and gets one for Mike. SF wins at home.
No Sunday night game with The World Series going on , but MNF has Indy going to Tennessee. On grass, at home and on a roll. I remember The Titans can win in a super game over The Colts.

Winner will receive two FREE CiCi’s Pizza buffets, including drinks. Give us the total points in the Carloina -Arizona game for our tiebreaker. Good Luck and the more players the merrier!!

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  1. buffalo washington san diego tampa bay baltimore jets new england arizona philly houston jacksonville nygiants sf tennessee 49 points

  2. miami washington new orleans tampa bay baltimore jets new england carolina atlanta houston jacksonville pittsburgh seattle tennessee 42 points

  3. buffalo redskins new orleans cowboys baltimore jets new england carolina atl houston jax pitt sf indy 38 points

  4. Fish, Skins, Bolts, Boys, Ravens, Bretts, Pats, Cats, Birds, Oil …. errrrrr Texans, Jags, Giants, 49ers, Colts and 35

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