When The Phillies Cole Hamels came through Greensboro‏

People ask me on occasions who is the best player that I’ve seen come through Greensboro during my broadcasting of the Bats-Grasshoppers games. Based on this year and in particularly this year’s World Series, I’d have to say Cole Hamel’s of the Phillies takes the trophy.
Hamels was drafted in the 2002 draft, being the 17th. overall player picked by Philadelphia. I remember when The Lakewood Blue Claws,1A affiliate of the Phillies, came to town back in 2003. One thing I always do as part of my pre-game routine is check the roster of the visiting teams for first round draft picks. Of course, there in black and white was the young lefty, Hamels. I remember when he pitched against The Bats-the final score I don’t remember-but the stuff the kid had was impressive. Hamels went 6-1 with a .84 ERA, before being promoted to Clearwater later in the year. Hamels went back and forth, up and down with the Phillies before being promoted to the big show in 2006.
Tonight in Game 5 of The Series, if Philly wins, Hamels is in line to be MVP. He was named MVP of the NLCS earlier as Philadelphia advanced beating Los Angeles 4 games to 1.
One of the good things about single A baseball is that we get the chance to see young stars before they hit the big-time. Cole Hamels was certainly one of those before hitting the really big time-The World Series.