Throw Bro’Man into the dough pan:He’s set to eat all the CiCi’s Pizza he possibly can

The numbers from this week’s CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks contest are in after Tennessee’s 31-21 win over Indianapolis on MNF. Paul is one of the writers so he’s not up for the Pizza, BigC is a previous winner, so this week the CiCi’s FREE Pizza tickets go to Bro’Man………

Congrats to the winners as we have pretty much reached the mid-way point of the season and Big Jim Modlin is still picking away and Paul T. Lambeth II is looking to be the Prognosticator of the Year, but what ever happened to last year’s week one winner Rob?

If you have some alies or friends that want to win the Pizza, have them get in the contest and see if they can beat Big Jim, Big Paul, BigC, Big John, Big Bill or anyone else in the competition. Here’s how this week’s contest went:

Big Jim-(9-5)