Week No. 9’s NFL Coin Tosses-a.k.a.:Picks!‏/CiCi’s Pizza football contest

from Big Jim Modlin, Fitness Today on Randleman Road:

It’s week number 9, obviously just past the half-way mark in the league schedule. Surprises, as usual, both good and bad, no surprise there! Carolina gets the bye week after going 6-2 through 8 games; a perfect resting point for injuries and tweaking the moving parts.

After going 21-7 the last two weeks , I decided to go to the tried and tested coin toss method for picking……..head- my team wins-tails the other team looses!

Detroit is and will remain winless after going to historic Soldier Field-Chicago to claw the Lions.

Houston’s small winning streak ends in the dome-Peterson should run wild. Minnesota is the winnah!

We don’t go against trends-good or bad-as a rule. Tennessee stays unbeaten over Green Bay in a close one.

Here we have the battle of two New Yorks-upstate and the apple. I’m picking the Bills to head ’em up and beat The Bretts-Jets in Buffalo.

Arizona lost a heartbreaker in Charlotte. They should score early and often beating St. Louis on the road. Go Cardinals!

Baltimore is solid enough to beat Cleveland on the road.

No room for error with Tampa Bay, keeping pace with Carolina, beating hapless Kansas City on the road.

Speaking of trends-Jacksonville keeps Cincinnati winless in Ohio.

Miami surprised Buffalo last week. Denver will be ready in Colorado. The Broncos to win in the mountain-smoggy air.

Can Dallas muster enough offense to win over The Giants on the road? No, New York wins again.

Upset special-the coin landed on it’s edge! Oakland over Atlanta!

The Phillies just won the World Series, in case you missed it. The Eagles take the ball to Seattle and win on the road.

Oh, here’s some nice programming for NFL Sunday night-New England at Indy. I’m hoping the really good Indy team shows up-The Colts win.

MNF puts Pittsburgh in D.C. The ‘Skins steal one by a field goal. No recount here-Washington the victor!

*****Winner receives Two FREE Pizza Buffets plus Drinks from CiCi’s Pizza. This week the Tie-Breaker will be on the Monday night game with the Total Points needed on Pittsburgh at Washington.*****