Projected Attendance splits for HS football playoffs

from and Drew Pasteur who is a doctor of mathematics and football scientist:
4-AA Class
Myers Park 2973
McDowell 2911
Hopewell 2764
Wakefield 2713
Independence 2702
Northwest Guilford 2210
Grimsley 1992
East Forsyth 1865

4-A Class
Page 1819
Greensboro Smith 1509
High Point Central 1490

Class 3-AA
Lake Norman 1958
Olympic 1939
Northwest Cabarrus 1842
Mooresville 1632
Porter Ridge 1620
Roberson 1616
Dudley 1603
Ragsdale 1577
Southwest Guilford 1498
Western Guilford 1432
Southeast Guilford 1385
Asheboro 1280
Northeast Guilford 1246

Class 3-A
High Point Andrews 910
Northern Guilford 841

Class 2-AA
Eastern Guilford 1218
Orange County 1191
Cardinal Gibbons 1166
Hibriten 1156
Ledford 1154
South Brunswick 1088
West Stokes 1086
West Henderson 1076
North Lenoir 1063
McMichael 1056
Southern Guilford 1055

5 thoughts on “Projected Attendance splits for HS football playoffs

  1. I was thinking about posting these earlier last week, but I didn’t.

    Page will be 4A this year and should have a good shot to control there own destiny.
    4AA West bracket is going to be loaded.

  2. Oh by the way, Andy, these numbers arn’t projected. They are the official and final ADM numbers that were released by the NCHSAA.

  3. This is going to make for an interesting post-season, especially if Ragsdale and Dudley both end up in the East and based on who would get the top seed, the Panthers or the Tigers?????

  4. Unless they have met head to head (which Ragsdale and Dudley haven’t), the seeding will be determined by draw. If they had played head to head, then the winner would take the better seed per NCHSAA Football Information on their website.

    So basically, both schools have a 50/50 chance of getting the number 1 seed.

  5. Well actually, Harnett Central could get the 1 seed as well. So all three of those teams have a 33.3% chance of getting the 1 seed. But, keep in mind that Dudley will have to beat Western, Ragsdale will have to beat Asheboro, and Harnett Central will have to beat Erwin Triton for this to hold true.

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