Who has the toughest game coming up on Friday night?????

The word on the web and on the street is that the Southeast Guilford at Ragsdale game will be the toughest matchup in our area and the biggest contest of all the ones involving our Guilford County teams.

If SEG at Ragsdale is #1, then Northwest Guilford at Richmond County has to be a close second. Nobody in their right mind wants to go down and play the Raiders on their home field in Rockingham. The Dudley players said to a man, that Richmond County was the toughest game on their schedule so far this season. NWG has their hands full, but they do have Ples and Kennedy to run at the Raiders.

What makes Ragsdale so tough? The Tigers have balance on offense and defense and their running game has gotten better since the Southeast game. Southeast has seen much improvement in their passing game and SEG had them(Rgsdale) beat back in September with no passing game whatsoever…..Ragsdale has had a tough run of it in the first round in recent years, but will we see that all change this Friday night????? This might be a sell-out in Jamestown so get there early.

Western Alamance at High Point Andrews is going to be a major matchup. The defending State 3-A Champs(WA) with Donald Britt back in the lineup are going to be hard to beat on any playing surface, but if Britt is not back, then Western Alamance is going home and their season is over. The defending State Champions losing in round one? This is getting to be like the NCAA basketball tournament.

Friday night frillers, and there’s still three and a-half days ’till kickoff.