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Who has the toughest game coming up on Friday night?????

The word on the web and on the street is that the Southeast Guilford at Ragsdale game will be the toughest matchup in our area and the biggest contest of all the ones involving our Guilford County teams.

If SEG at Ragsdale is #1, then Northwest Guilford at Richmond County has to be a close second. Nobody in their right mind wants to go down and play the Raiders on their home field in Rockingham. The Dudley players said to a man, that Richmond County was the toughest game on their schedule so far this season. NWG has their hands full, but they do have Ples and Kennedy to run at the Raiders.

What makes Ragsdale so tough? The Tigers have balance on offense and defense and their running game has gotten better since the Southeast game. Southeast has seen much improvement in their passing game and SEG had them(Rgsdale) beat back in September with no passing game whatsoever…..Ragsdale has had a tough run of it in the first round in recent years, but will we see that all change this Friday night????? This might be a sell-out in Jamestown so get there early.

Western Alamance at High Point Andrews is going to be a major matchup. The defending State 3-A Champs(WA) with Donald Britt back in the lineup are going to be hard to beat on any playing surface, but if Britt is not back, then Western Alamance is going home and their season is over. The defending State Champions losing in round one? This is getting to be like the NCAA basketball tournament.

Friday night frillers, and there’s still three and a-half days ’till kickoff.

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  1. Dear Andy, I think there’s more to it than that. Following the first regular season meeting between SEG and Ragsdale, which featured a tremendous error on the part of the officiating crew. If you watched the excellent WFMY News 2 footage; on the 118th play from center, as the Ragsdale quarterback rolls-out for the game winning pass into the endzone, SEG player #88 is clearly visible milliseconds away from the ultimate sack, when he is grabbed by Ragsdale player #51 tripped and tackled and rode to the ground. Everthing occurred in clear view of the head official, who, for whatever reason failed to call the play. Everyone in the stadium knew it, even Coach Tommy knew.
    So Andy, how could there another game that will even come close to this?
    Clearly, SEG has some unfinished business here. Better bring your popcorn, cause this is the only game this Friday.

  2. There’s no argument that this should be the best Round One game in NC. And quite honestly, the news clip was clear enough, the official did miss the call; but that happens, its just part of the game. Lets hope the officiating is much better this time.
    The real question here is; which SEG team is coming to Tiger Stadium this Friday night? If you think the boys in Blue aren’t ready, you better think again. The Tigers are the real thing!
    The Ragsdale and SEG game, is the place to be!!

  3. All of the SEG fans still think that one call cost them the ballgame, if I remember correctly SEG had around 100 yds total offense and they hardly completed any passes that night against Ragsdale, I think all you SEG fans need some cheese because all you seem to do is whine, just strap it on Friday night and come to play and quit whining about the last time you played them.

  4. No whining……..he’s just pointing out the obvious sportsfan. Both defenses played a great ball game. Ragsdale didn’t exactly set the world on fire offensively. They sustained one drive the whole ball game and it was the one that mattered. The non call was huge, but that wasn’t the only reason for the “L”. I’ve got a list…and last on it is the officiating, but it’s a new season.

    This is the game the Falcons wanted. It’s a chance at redemption against a team they feel like they should have beaten. It’s chance for players and coaches to get it right. If you’re on the SEG side of the fence and you can’t get up for this one…..then turn your pads in(players), go diagram plays for cars to manuever through your local grocery store parking lot(coaches), or go watch and cheer paint dry(fans). In order to be the man….you got to beat the man Friday night in a Den full of hungry Tigers fans.

    Jimc…..Ragsdale by 2 TDs is a stretch. SEG was missing there best back in Tivon Clark that night. He’s healthy and ready to tote the rock. The offense is much improved over the ground Fritz attack you saw last time out. SEG has a totally different secondary than the one that Romer got hot against that last drive. Plus, they still have the same speed on that D-line that gave the Tigers trouble. I don’t see 7 – 6. I think we’ll get a little more scoring but a 2 TD victory for anyone is a stretch. First one to 17 wins!!!

    Andy…why isn’t Friday already? Kettle corn anyone?

  5. This is starting to get good. Like State-Carolina in football, Duke-Carolina in basketball or Page-Grimlsey and Smith-Dudley in football.

    This is Ragsdale-Southeaast or Southeast-Ragsdale and it is a great rivalry fueled by that 7-6 ball game earlier in the season.

    If this turns out to be the last game between these two teams in football, then lets’s go out with a bang like Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves or even Gene Hackman and the Hickory Huskers in Hoosiers as Coach Norman Dale took his team to the Indiana state title.

    Fans need to get there at Miller Stadium early and pack the place on both sides and Ragsdale needs to remember last year’s regular season game in baseball down at SEG and Southeast needs to remember last year’s baseball title game down at Eastern Randolph.

    And again let’s build on that 7-6 game at SEG and pick right up where that game left off. As Damon mentioned, Tivon Clark is back but this game is going to be in that Tiger’s Den a tough place to win.

    Going back to 2001 when Toney Baker was a freshman if I recall correctly and the Tigers marched through the competition all the way to the 3-A West final against Boling Springs Crest and the Crest Chargers(who look just like the Green Bay Packers) took out Ragsdale and Wes Pope, Doug Brown #5 and maybe even Emauel Byers#1 in that final…..

    There’s a lot of history here at this Jamestown Ragsdale Stadium even going back to the Tiger State 3-A Championship teams in 1973 and 1974 with Ricky Adams, Harold Odom, John Turner, Roscoe Friday, Barry Sykes, Mitchell Johnston, Barry Lanning, Reggie Tice, Jerome Lewis and others….Plus the old coach Richard “Dick” Kemp….

    These games are the stuff dreams are made of but reality says you have to take it to the field see who will take home the prize.

    Somebody start a countdown…..

  6. Hey, I almost forgot. Southeast had a runningback blasting through here at about the same time as Adams named Ernie Woods.

    Anybody remember Ernie Woods or the old coach the Falcons had at the time named Bill Slayton?????

    Some say Slayton was insane, but everybody you talk to knows that guy could coach 24/7. Twenty-four hours a week, seven months a year…….

    Slayton was a legend in his time.

  7. Come on “sportsfan”, are you kidding me?

    Whining? Videoman is a excellent WFMY cameraman, like the rest of us that what he saw and we saw. Even though I’m a Tiger fan, I’ll man-up and admit it did happen, and it won the game for Ragsdale. And yes, SGE could have won the game long before that play, but didn’t.

    Remember this, SEG and Ragsdale probably have the best two defensive squads in 3AA NC football right now. They aren’t the offensive powerhouse of Dudly and I know we have plenty of excellent football teams here in the piedmont and they have many specialties and capabilities, but tRagsdale and SEG play old school defense, real defense with a fury. They are both very fast, hard hitting, well conditioned and simply don’t make many mistakes. Honestly, these two defenses are much stronger than their respective offensives.

    The Ragsdale and SEG offenses have both evolved this season into very similar teams. The new SEG offense is a concern, they can hit you hard and fast and far down field. Ragsdale will have to find a way to run to regularity and produce yardage, the SEG secondary has become a dangerous place to throw a ball. Fortunately, we can run and will run. However, I think home field at Tiger Stadium will play a big role

    All said, I think the last team to score, will win.

  8. SORRY, this game is going to disappoint you all. It wont be close, just look at the mighty Asheboro Blue Comets. And the Comets stomped on SEG and we rocked them.
    Like Coach says: SEG is all Buck this, Buck that, and Buck so more… I’m surprised they are moving to 4A with us.

    42 to 6 Ragsdale

  9. What do you mean surprised to see them move up to 4A with you? The one and only reason that SEG and Ragsdale are moving up to 4A is because of their ADM numbers.

  10. I hope you’re right RB22 although I think it will be a little bit closer than that. I know SEG has a few more offensive weapons than they had last game, but SEG will be sad to know that the Ragsdale defense is playing better than ever. The bigger the game, the tougher the opponent the better they play.

    Another excellent game in Guilford County will be W Alamance @ Andrews. I think that will be a very good game.

  11. we went with 8 lineman against ragsdale….. went the same thing the whole game an still beat them… so whats makes Ragsdale think the can handle us when we throw everything we got at them……….. I plan on winning against Ragsdale. End of story

  12. Ragsdale can’t handle anything that we have…refs threw the game on purpose….Our whole team is rolling on all cylinders….RAGSDALE be ready….SEG is coming…SEG wins….END OF STORY….

    SEG the best in the 3-AA…..PERIOD.

  13. Here we again #12 blaming the first game on the refs, how about SEG completing a pass this game, SEG go ahead and get your excuse ready for this game.

  14. Ragsdale and their fans and coaches don’t understand exactly what my weak side brother #77 said. we stayed in the same package the whole time. with 8 lineman, the QB, and 2 RBs. no recievers. we have more formations, run more plays, and have a better Quarterback. we have more leadership and better discipline now. we know exactly what we have to do to beat Ragsdale. We have to hit ’em hard, fast, and often. I always say 80% of the time the 1st to score wins the game. and WE ARE GONNA SCORE FIRST!!

    I played on varsity last year as a freshman and have personally NEVER seen our defense this pumped for ANY game. I dont think Ragsdale’s goin to score…PERIOD!

    RB #22, ashboro did beat us…BAD! i have things to say about that, but I’m not one to make excuses. you thought we were all buck last game…we didn’t run it…NOT ONCE! and look at that game…how are yall gonna stop ALL we got?

    Sportsfan our QB now hasn’t had a game for less than 200 yards yet! Complete a pass??? you should be saying throw an incompletion. Kenyata Robinson is on fire! and Terrance Topps can’t miss.

    we understand we aren’t playing SWG or Randleman this week. We’re playing Ragsdale. undefeated, conference champs. They hit hard, Play well, Throw and Run, they come off the ball. they’re good. but when we beat them this friday, what’s that going to tell everyone else about us?

  15. okay so Ragsdale has NOTHING on us falcons. We are revved up and ready to go for friday night. Enough with the bogus calls and acting like babys. We are here to whoop up on some tiger tail. The game definately has the possibilities of being close but i STRONGLY DOUBT its going to be a full on beating. Hahaha no way. SEG has it down! There wont be any more messin around our boys are out to win it. They are gonna hit ’em hard and keep ’em coming back for more. lets beat them rags!!!!!

    SEG Lineman #77 i love youuuuu
    SEG Lineman #56 ahahhhh fancy pants!!!

    i♥them weakside boys!!!!


    p.s. if anyone from ragsdale wants to say im wrong…prove it on the field friday night iight???

    sportsfan how bout you show who you are friday night, maybe your the one making the excuses

  16. Hmmm… That’s interesting there’s no #12 or #77 on the SEG Roster. So whats the deal boys? Besides you dont even know the outcome of the regular season game. I’m sure SEG doesnt need a couple fakes helping them get pumped up for this game.

    Cuase if you were SEG players, you would have a bunch more respect for the team who played you hard right down to the very last minute. SEG has more class than that.

  17. excuse me tigerstail
    but #77 is mr. brandon canoy
    and #12 is andrew hall

    get your facts straight

  18. Lady Falcon; ya better back that up girl.
    Better tell your boys to bring the big game.
    Cause the B.A T-I-G-E-R is coming 4 ya.
    SEG dont have the stuff
    Ragsdale is ROKin yo World.

  19. hahaha rb22
    was thata threat
    or were you just hitting on me?
    i can back it up
    with all my boys on the o-line
    trust me!

    you wanna rock my world????
    haha id like to see you try

  20. Holy Smoke… whats going on here?
    I go to lunch and come back and Ragsdale and SEG players thinks they can play pro-football. Just get yourself ready, this is the biggest game in NC this week, everyone will be there, better bring your A games to this one.

  21. Let’s keep it between the lines guys.

    Both teams are outstanding and this has the makings for one of the greatest games in Southeast Guilford-Ragdale history.

    Can you say OT?

  22. SEG is a joking.
    Just look at yoself… U might have sum boys but you dont have NO game. You have to know how to play. SEG is a bunch of B bunkins. U have to have the plan, b smart, b bad, just aint happening.

  23. Southeast has their stats on the website: The southeast D has given-up about 2,100 yards total this seasons, for something close to 3.1 Yard Per. They don’t give you much.

  24. RMG: after last week – Ragsdale D has only yielded about 235 yards per game. That’s not exact but close. I believe we are just under 2,600 yards over 11 the game schedule. I don’t know the breakdown buts its got to be close to 35% passing and 65% rushing. They don’t give up much, even to a running team like SEG.

  25. Help me here. SEG thought holding should have been called on Ragsdale’s winning TD. (it could have been – but Ragsdale would have still had the ball with a chance to score and it sure wasn’t the only penalty missed that game). Then as the game wound down Ragsdale sacked the QB two plays in a row to end the game. QB thought the tackle (or maybe the talking) was excessive and threw the ball about 25 yards. Three players were ejected in the scuffle.

    It was a defensive game. Ragsdale did not play their best. They had two punts blocked (only two all year) with one in the end zone where SEG scored their only TD of the game. Ragsdale had just returned their regular punter after a five week layoff, so I guess his timing was off.

    Otherwise Ragsdale D pretty much shut SEG down. They had some injuries and never lined up receivers the whole game til the very end. Same old stupid crap we see from SEG every year. SEG coaches for the past 6 years haven’t shown any confidence in their kids and this game wasn’t any different. They lined-up 8 or 9 tackle to tackle and run it between the tackles. On their deepest drive of the night, Ragsdale stopped them then proceeded to march down the field for the go ahead TD.

    SEG apparently underwent some big changes and have started passing the ball. They put some points on the board the last few weeks so I’m sure Ragsdale will see a different offense than they had in the regular season.

    No two ways about it – it’s a tough first round game for both teams. But Ragsdale has my vote.

  26. You know, Ragsdale played as poorly as they played all year – dropped passes, penalties, 2 blocked punts and extremely poor field position. I know SE missed the extra point and I know they missed a 30 something yard FG but other than that did not come close to scoring.

    The “no call penalty” no one talks about is the “no call roughing the passer penalty” on 3rd down prior to the game winning TD. I guess the “no call hold” on forth down was a make-up call. It was the worst officiating crew we had all year. I’m sure SEG fans that attended would agree.

    I watched SEG play ER and they used an entirely different offense than what we saw, I was impressed. In the Ragsdale-SEG game, the SEG QB just ran like a rabbit from one sideline to the other, never could figure out the north-south thing. SEG changed QBs and moved the old QB to wideout. During the ER game they threw 15 of 20 and over 200 yards against ER. This is the offense I am sure we will see this Friday. But of course if Coach Kyle want to overload right or left and run dives all night like last time we would not complain.

    Everyone says SEG has improved since playing Ragsdale. I can assure anyone reading this: that Ragsdale has improved vastly!!!!! SEG is not going to see the same Ragsdale they saw eariler in the year either.

    If I had known SEG’s loss to Trinity would have resulted in our having to play them in the first round of the playoffs I would not have laughed so hard at the time. This is going to be a game btw 2 very good teams. It’s a shame one of these teams season is ending Friday night.

  27. A couple more points:

    Asheboro beat SEG
    Trinity beat SEG
    Ragsdale beat Asheboro, Trinity and SEG

    I don’t see the big game here! I think Ragsdale will walk all over SEG and whatever self-respect they had left after their first Ragsdale whipping will be gone…

  28. One of my sons plays on the SE team. From what I can see the coaches have kept this game very dialed down and focused. They probably won’t let the team get cranked up until Friday afternoon. I think there’s too much work to be done for a bunch of hype and craziness.
    Having followed SE Football for 22 years, we’ve seen a lot of coaches (including Tommy), a lot of offenses and defenses, and a lot of disappointments and misunderstandings.
    As far as coaches go, these players love Fritz, they truly believe and respect him. I talk regularly to several boys on the JV and Varsity defensive squads and they are completely under the spell of the D-Coordinator Coble and Coach Doak. This is a group of kids have “bought-in”, they trust their coaches and play at a level that only comes with that kind of relationship. And yes. there’s been a wide sweeping “change of management” since last year. We had a few bad apples who decided organized football wasn’t their game and were encouraged to move on. That left behind the real football players, who were committed to the game and will be for the next few years.
    I know some or none of this may have a direct impact on Fridays game. But you can rest assured SE will bring all they have to Jamestown.

  29. SE Parent & Fan,

    Do you realize that this same SE team went 9-1 their JV year together? And 10-0 the year before that? They were definitely playing organized football. Trust me, I was there. But then the new coaches came in and look at where the team is now. Losing to teams that they massacred two years ago. The coaches haven’t done as well as you think.

  30. I will not be at the game Friday night , I am going to wait and go to the Ragsdale vs Dudley game in a couple of weeks, that will be a whole lot better game.

  31. Ragsdale has too much on their plate to look ahead to the POSSIBLE Ragsdale-Dudley game. Ragsdale is the team that everyone is surprised went undefeated the regular season. They played some very close game including Page (21-14), NW Guilford (30-24), and the famous SE Guilford game (7-6). I give the Tigers credit for getting it done but they have to focus on the game Friday before looking ahead. Ragsdale’s job this Friday is to show SE Guilford that the first game was not a fluke.

  32. Obviously Ragsdale and Southeast Guilford are the two best teams in the County but Ragsdale is still better and I’ll take the Tigers by 17 and Dudley better be ready because Ragsdale beat Page and looked more effective against the Pirates than Dudley did.

    SEG will be in the game Friday all the way till the 4th quarter and then Ragsdale will pull away and don’t forget, you just can’t hold those TIGERS.

    If it rains the game could turn sooner to Ragsdale’s favor.

    Ball Coach

  33. It is a stretch to call SE Guilford and Ragsdale THE two BEST teams in the County. OK. Ragsdale is a top team. According to the Guilford County Fab Fifteen (on this website), Page is #3, Northern #4, etc. Ragsdale and Dudley are the two TOP teams in the county but Page comes in a STRONG third place. With Ragsdale and SEG being a strong rivalry this year, anyone can win as with Page-Grimsley (sorry Dudley-Smith). If Ragsdale gets past SEG and makes it to Dudley, the Tigers will need to develop a effective gameplan because the Panthers will be HEAVILY favored (due to the tough teams they faced: Carver, Richmond Co., W. Alamance).

  34. In response to an earlier post, Ragsdale players have done an excellent job of not looking too far down the road this season. As a student at ragsdale thats a flaw a lot of our teams have and it comes back to bite them. However, the football team this year is something special. These guys are getting along better than ever, and just love playing football together. They will be ready for the game this friday whether or not its the same SE they saw last time or not I believe the tigers have what it takes to get them to the dudley game they want so bad, if not even farther.

    With that being said
    Good luck to both teams in this fridays game.

  35. I will say for SEG this is the Dream Game, you don’t get many chances to take it to a team that robbed you on your own field due to a bad call.
    Don’t forget southeast has 4 guys players in the top 50 for tackles and a linebacker in the top 2 in the state for tackles so they play hard old school defense and as a fan that watches each weak ragsdale at most 7 if that
    their lead by a genius defensive coaching staff and if the offense can put it up, no trouble for southeast guilford……..

  36. It could be raining or the field may be wet on Friday night, I think that is what cost SEG the Asheboro game or that is what they blamed that loss on. SEG just bring your raincoats and your crying towels because you will need them both.

  37. Mr. Anonymous:

    Well you almost got it right. The SEG JV Team you referred to did go 10-0 in 2004 and 9-1 in 2005. However, I’m sorry to say but the principle pieces of those two records graduated this past spring. The current group of seniors, with a few exception, have basically arisen this year. Quite frankly this SEG Senior and Junior classes failed to produce the traditional number of players expected with each class. The current SEG Junior class is the weakest of all. The current sophomore and freshman classes have a lot of players and many of these underclassman start on Varsity. And that’s not necessarily bad. Not to speak for SEG Parent & Fan, but I believe his point was that the kids they have now are the ones who really want to play football.

    I have nothing to do with the present SEG team, my son has graduated and playing D1 college ball. But I know all too well about the crap going on last year. There were player / parent undercurrents that were very destructive to the team. I guess there’s always those parents who think their son is the next Tom Brady and the coaches are not starting them, I guess you just can’t avoid that. However, with the advent of this season, I think the coaches had already decided enough-was-enough and when the new principle arrived, they had the right no-nonsense guy to help the program. Its clear he backed his coaches and the health of the program improved dramatically. I can remember a few years ago when Ragsdale and Coach Tommy were suffering the almost the same thing. Actually, I think this SEG team is sound, even though the player numbers look small, large teams don’t equate winning records or good teams. I think every coach would rather have 25 kids who really want to play, than 70 who want their picture taken.

    So before you get to far down the field with assertions about “SEG losing to teams that they massacred two years ago”; just remember that every year high school football teams start over and rebuild themselves every year. There’s only one team in Guilford County that regularly recruits players from the other high schools and that may soon end and should. I think that good high school coaches like Coach Fritz, Coach Tommy and their respective coaching staffs deserve our support and understanding every year regardless the records. So tomorrow night, I encourage the officials to do their job and get-it-right this time. One of these two teams will move on and the other will end their season on the field, but regardless of which team it is, I can confidently say that this will be and should be decided by the kids on the field and the coaches calling the plays.

    This should be a great game.

  38. Who scored for Southeast Guilford in the 7-6 game at SEG? Wasn’t that Brian Webb on a blocked punt recovered in the end zone for a TD and they missed the two-point conversion because Terrance Topps had been hit while punting and couldn’t kick on that PAT attempt.

    Neither team spent much time in the opponent’s territory until Ragsdale went on that game winning drive late in the game and the Tigers came up with a big first down on 4th and three from their own 48 on that drive.

    The SEG future teams should be strong as I hear the SEG Sharks youth team is looking tough with a very talented 12 year-old kicker. They just played Ragsdale/Jamestown in some big youth football bowl games at SEG last Saturday. There were some good matchups and I belive Ragsdale/Jamestown won the overall championship game 7-6.

  39. LightsOut, I appreciate your comments and I agree with most of what you said, especially your response to Anonymous.

    As a former HS football coach, I know that every August we rebuilt the team. We found that promising undefeated JV squads didn’t necessarily grow-up to be undefeated Varsity squads. There simply too many dynamics involved here. That’s the raw reality and natural evolution of high school football. Unless (as you mentioned) you can recruit star players, you absolutely have no certain control over the multitude of factors that comes each year. If Anonymous thinks you can then he’s ignorant of how HS football works.

    From what I’m reading here, I think the coaches at both Ragsdale and SEG are doing it right or the best they can. Parents should support and help their coaches, not try to control the game plan. After the game coaches, players and football parents all enjoy talking about what did and didn’t work and discuss new ideas, that’s part of the enjoyment and everyone needs to embrace that.

    There’s a number of good games on schedule for this Friday, but this one might be the one to catch!

  40. Andy,

    You’re correct SEG Brian Webb blocked the RAG DeSean Anderson punt and Webb recovered the ball and scored. SEG’s kicker Terrance Topps had sustained an injury on a earlier punt and was unable to approach the ball properly and missed that extra point. Topps is a good kicker and his injury was a tremendous set-back for SEG that night.

    Here’s some interesting facts from that earlier game.

    – RAG had 10 processions and 95% of their plays were between the 20 yard lines.
    – SEG had 9 drives and 94% of those plays occurred between the 20 yard lines.

    – RAG ran 27 times for 38 yards (avg 1.38 yards per rush)
    – SEG ran 41 times for 88 yards (avg 2.21 yards per rush)

    – RAG passed 13/25 for 112 yards
    – SEG passed for 0/4 for 0 yards

    – RAG 3rd down efficiency: 1 for 11
    – SEG 3rd down efficiency: 4 for 13

    – RAG 4th down efficiency: 1 for 4
    – SEG 4th down efficiency: 1 for 1

    Here’s another fact from that game

    Andy, it’s hard for SEG to be objective about the outcome of this game. The only offensive score resulted from a horribly contested play that WFMY featured on their Friday night report. You may recall that with 28 seconds remaining in the game and in clear view of the head official; RAG #51, grabbed SEG #88 in the process of making a sack, tripped and agressively rode him down to the ground from behind. The play resulted in 11 yard completion and score. The officials’ refusal to drop the flag for a personal foul or at least holding on RAG, decided the outcome of the game. Not to mention the fact that the officials then lost control of the game, because of their transparent failure to “get the call right”. That’s their job and they blew it!

    Moving along, we are very proud our local Shark youth football program. It’s a wonderful feeder system for our high school and middle school programs. There’s plenty of former Sharks starting for SEG and their contribution is very noticeable. What’s more, the high school coaches have taken an active interest in the program and that has excited the kids beyond measure. We are blessed to have an effective football relationship between parents, players and coaches that we do. And yes, the CPFL youth football league has 72 teams across the mid-piedmont counties, its very competitive and fundamentally follows NCHSAA rules. But what I find ironic is; out of all the youth football team match-up possibilities, the current plays-off prominently included Ragsdale and Southeast Sharks. Interesting huh?

    See you Friday night!

  41. Hey, SEG should substitute their youth Sharks team.
    Maybe that way, their offense might score some points.
    Tigers are restless and bored! Come on to JTown.

  42. Jim04,

    I appreciate you posting the stats on the game. I went back to look at the tape to get a breakdown on the game myself. It was a tough game to watch from an offensive stand point.

  43. MikOne of the more meaningful measurements of “play effectiveness” is 3rd and 4th down efficiencies.

    Looking at these numbers and they basically look correct.

    RAG <9.5% 3rd down efficiency: 1 for 11
    RAG 25% 4th down efficiency: 1 for 4
    SEG <31% 3rd down efficiency: 4 for 13
    SEG 100% 4th down efficiency: 1 for 1

    Defensively SEG had a better yardage yeild perfomance. Interesting….

  44. too bad a better yardage yield performance doesn’t put any points on the board.

    I can’t believe I’m reading that holding call should now have been a personal foul penalty. I remember the play – live and from the film and I can admit as a Ragsdale fan the ref missed a blatant hold. But have also found it noticable that not a single SEG fan can admit there was a blatant roughing the passer that went uncalled the play before. If the refs call that Ragsdale has a first down with four shots at the end zone.

    And BTW – Topps didn’t miss a PAT. SEG went for two because he couldn’t kick and Ragsdale stuffed them at the line. Topps did later miss a field goal that would have iced the game.

    I also find it odd that SEG fans seem to be all over how much better they played than Ragsdale that night only to have the refs rob them. It’s almost as if they are satisfied they did enough to win the game even though their offense never scratched. However most Ragsdale fans and players were sorely disappointed in how they played that night – even though the Tigers won everybody knew it wasn’t their best game.

    I think we’ll see a much different game Friday night. I know SEG is passing the ball now. Good. When they did try to pass last game Ragsdale was all in the SEG backfield.

  45. Mark,

    I think Jim04’s point was that some type of call should have been made. As far as a blatant roughing the passer call? I can’t say that I saw a blatant roughing the passer call. Romer is scrambling toward the line of scrimmage. He leaves his feet to get the ball off as Smallwood hits him square in his chest. Smallwood didn’t even take one step nor did he hit Romer in his head. I played the game back on the big screen after reading your comment to make sure. I know I didn’t see the hit in live action because I was video taping, but there is no way that’s a late hit. I’m positive that if you see the tape, you’ll agree.

    SEG fans are not all over the call. VideoMan is not an SEG fan. He was just supporting Andy’s statement that this is one of the toughest 1st round matchups. and biggest contest in our area. The non call makes this a bigger game. The guy even gave himself props for such good footage. I agree with Mike34’s first post because I have said on numerous occasions that SEG should have never been in position to lose that game. If you list things that cost SEG the game, the last thing would be officiating. Here is a copy of the list I wrote.

    “1. SEG scrapped the Spread due to injuries, but that doesn’t excuse some of the play calling. It just seemed like the attitude was let’s not do anything on offense to lose this ball game. There was nothing aggressive about the play calling. I applaud the SEG offensive line. They blocked well all night long even though everyone in county knew where the ball going.

    Point 2. The SEG kicker was not there for the extra point because he was getting his knee worked on due to a play that should have never happened. Topps slipped while planting to punt the football. The rekick was the result of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on an SEG player. I thought that penalty was a bigger factor than the officiating because it didn’t have to happen. That’s at least two ball games in a row where the same kid has been flagged with a 15 yarder on special teams. This time it almost cost the Falcons their starting QB and it cost the team an extra point.

    Point 3. Offensive penalties in crucial situations. The Falcons were in Field Goal range on at least two occassions Monday night only to be pushed back by penalties. That has to be fixed. The Falcons had the ball on the Tiger’s 8 yard line and had to settle for a 35 FG attempt to put the game away after being pushed back by penalties. I know that a 35 yarder is makeable, especially for a kid that was All Conference last year, but 25 is definitely closer than 35. You don’t need a degree in Physics to figure that out.

    Point 4. The Ragsdale kids stepped up when they needed to. They didn’t quit. They came to play to the last whistle. They made the plays necessary down the stretch to win the football game.

    I would hate to see this series end like this. I hope we have round 2 in the playoffs.”

    The only thing I would add to that quote now is that you don’t get to be 11-0 by accident. The kids from Ragsdale play hard nosed discipline team football. That same disciplined team football was missing in spots on the SEG side of the ball that night. That’s been fixed. I know Ragsdale is a much better team. I just don’t believe they are 2 TD’s better or 42-6 better than SEG. The stats listed from the earlier game are just being used to illustrate that point. Ragsdale won that game. Let’s all get on over to the Tiger Den tomorrow night and see who wins this one on the field.

    As always, good luck to both teams and say a prayer for our kids getting through this game healthy.

  46. Lightsout,

    I played JV for SEG in the 04 & 05 seasons, and I would still be playing if the old coaches were still around. Now, you can call me a “bad apple” or someone who doesn’t care about the game, but what it really comes down to is me not liking the coaching staff. That and my life doesn’t revolve around High School football like some other people.

    Also, a large part of SEG’s current team didn’t play JV with us. Meaning a hell of a lot of talented players didn’t come back after their JV or junior years. So does that make us all “bad apples”? Our old team was great, and there’s a good reason a lot of us didn’t come back.

    How can you possibly talk about how good/bad the coaches are or have been if you never played under them?

    BTW, being in a team picture isn’t worth all the hot days and “fun” a football team goes through during the season. So, if you’re in the picture, that’s not the only reason you’re there.

  47. Get over it already! SEG had injured players. Ragsdale didn’t bring their A game. That game is over and done with. Friday night will be a whole new game which will be completely different. Ragsdale is going to be tough to beat. SEG is going to fight like hell to prove they were robbed, but everyone knows the offensive line with Romer and the amazing Defense will as they have for 11 games prevail!

  48. Not playing football because you do not like the coaches has to be the biggest excuse I have ever heard. Are you sure you were elligible ? Who are these masses of talented players that did not come back? Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.

  49. Andy, is Ragsdale still going to play tonight?
    What if they call it off for rain, tomorrow is even worse.
    Would we play Sunday or Monday?

  50. I heard it was supposed to be clear and sunny after 12 noon on Saturday.

    My guess would be they could play on Saturday night but they will not play on Sunday.

    They have only played on Sunday one time in NCHSAA history back when they had just the four divisions and the games were set for one game on Friday and then three on Saturday in Chapel-Hill.

    They got the Friday night game in but it was very cold and it snowed late Friday night and into the day on Saturday and the three Saturday games were moved to Sunday…..

  51. Mark, if you would re-read Jim04 message, you will notice, that he did not place the blame at the feet of Ragsdale at all. I guess, as an extreme you could even say, that if Coach Tommy had told #51 to tackle the defender, his point would still be valid: the officials did not do their job.

    And yes, the game was riddled with questionable calls and undue interference and interaction on the part of the officials, especially the head official. I have to believe that the NCHSAA Booking Agent is not proud of the job they did that game.

    There were three excellent video’s of the incident, the worse of which showed the direct gaze of the head official clearly watching #51 drag #88 to the ground. We were sick about it and are convinced the officials changed the outcome of the game. If he would have dropped the flag, could Ragsdale have scored from 4th and 21 to the goal? We will never know because the officials failed to do their job.

  52. wrong Fred – Ragsdale will be playing tonight. I’ve been to many games at Ragsdale in the rain.

    and RMG27406 – I’m just ready to see them play again – two good teams going head to head – it’s going to be a great game. I hate it has to happen in the rain in front of a smaller crowd than normal – but hey – it’s football

  53. This past Friday Ragsdale fans were concerned that SEG players would purposely try to injured kids at the end of the game. Why? There’s no respect for the coach at SE. He’s immaturity shows when he makes comments about being “slighted” and having the game “stolen” the first time. Leaders have control of their men. When the leader has no control of himself then his men will no control either.

    My suggestion to everyone at SEG is to pay attention to what happens to your team at ends of games in which they lose. In the first Ragsdale SEG game the SEG QB throws a ball off the head of a RHS player – shoving starts and 2 SEG players and 1 RHS player are ejected and not allowed to play the next 2 games. In this last game, there was a flagrant late hit in Ragsdale’s last drive while running out the clock.

    Having class comes from the top down. Winners don’t make excuses. You can be angry about a blown call, you can have passion for your team, but whatever happen to taking responsibility? Your coach could have said “I came in with a BAD game plan.” or “We played hard all night it was a shame to come up short.” He could have then gone home and punch a hole in the wall. You just don’t make excuses and blame others. Especially in front of your team!

    Yeah the ref blew the call. But SEG missed a 31 yrd FG that would have iced the game. Did you have to rewind the film to see that? Did you also rewind the film to watch for any holding from SEG? Southeast tried to run the “un”spread. 8 men on the offensive line and 3 passes all game. 2 of those passes came in the last minute. Did you notice that on the film too? If SEG wants to blame anyone there’s all ways that man staring back at you in the mirror. Your coach and others may want to start there.

    When I first saw the bracket and found out Ragsdale had to play SEG in the 1st round I was upset. Now with the hindsight it was great. It gave BOTH teams the ability to go out and prove as to which was the better team. RHS proved without a doubt they are the better team.

  54. Surprised no one said HPC having to play Page. Page outscored HPC 73-21 in their 2 games this year. I expected more out of that stout Black Watch Defense.

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