Holding The Line On Prices

The Boston Red Sox announced today that they are FREEZING all 2009 ticket prices at 2008 levels.

The ticket prices for the 2009 season are as follows:
Upper bleachers, $12; standing room, $20; pavilion level standing room, $25; lower bleachers, $26; outfield grandstand, $30; infield grandstand, $50; right field roof box, $50; right field box, $50; left field pavilion reserved, $75; pavilion box, $90; loge box, $90; field box, $125.

It appears as if the RED SOX increased their Ticket Prices EVERY YEAR since 1995.

I guess with the economy, they figured that the well might be drying up and they have pushed the prices as far as they can go for the time being.

I’m not a big Red Sox fans; but I tend to find myself in the middle of them during the summer. They don’t complain when they travel to Boston for a game or two. The rest of the time, they watch them for FREE on Bar TV.