Ragsdale leaves NO DOUBT this time: Ragsdale 24 Southeast Guilford 14‏

Last night in the First Round of 3 AA East playoffs, Ragsdale made sure no one would question the win, beating Southeast Guilford 24-14.
Game one several weeks ago, a lot of fans, players and coaches from Southeast thought the Falcons had been robbed by an official on a missed holding call on the Tiger’s game tying touchdown.
It was raining lightly as the game started and on Southeast Guilford’s third play from scrimmage, Tivon Clark went around the right side and streaked down the sideline for an 84 yard touchdown run-lighting had just awoken the boys from Jamestown. The Tigers would answer with an  eight play drive, capped by D’onovan Smith’s 13 yard run. Kasey Redfern kicked the game tying extra point. Redfern would also kick a 32 yard field goal in the second quarter, following DeSean Anderson’s 7 yard go ahead touchdown reception.
Southeast would score their second touchdown after a Tim Romer fumble. Carl Offord ran it in from 10 yards out to cut the lead to 24-14. Ragsdale had numerous chances to put Southeast away, having the ball inside the Falcons 50 yard line 5 times in the second half and mustering only 7 points.
With Southeast hanging around, they drove the ball to the Ragsdale 1 yard line with 3:35 left in the game. A terrible time and place for a fumble on a bad snap ended the chances for Southeast. Walt Sparks recovered the fumble and Ragsdale would run out the clock to advance to the second round.
The stats tell the story that the scoreboard doesn’t. After Clark’s opening run of 84 yards, the Tigers held him to a mere 10 yards rushing, while outgaining the Falcons 178 to 159 yards rushing. D’onovan Smith had 121 of those for Ragsdale on 25 carries. Passing, Ragsdale had 102 yards to only 22 for Southeast. Tim Romer was an efficient 10-14 passing. The Tigers had 10 first downs to Southeast’s 5. Billy Stone lead Ragsdale with 9 solo tackles. Chris Armwood had the one INT for the Tigers.
When you talk about the Tigers, you have to mention many contributors, because this is truly a TEAM. Romer’s steady leadership at QB-Refern’s kickoffs-end zone bound usually-LB’s Sparks and Stone-The S & S Boys-McNeil’s sacks-Jenkin’s blocking and clutch catches-the offensive line , lead by Joey Finnison-the DB’s-Gilyard and company-the receivers-Sonriker and Mearite-the  big, physical defensive line-I know I left some out, but that’s OK with the guys because it’s ALL about the W’s.
To close, we have to mention the steady, calm[most of the time], confident-matter of fact leadership of Coach Tommy Norwood. It starts at the top and Tommy deserves a lot of credit that he doesn’t want. Up next for Ragsdale-Chris Causey’s Western Guilford Hornets Friday evening at the field named for my first principal, Kenneth T. Miller Stadium. Go Tigers!!

2 thoughts on “Ragsdale leaves NO DOUBT this time: Ragsdale 24 Southeast Guilford 14‏

  1. Coach Norwood may not want the credit but they guy deserves it. He had his kids well prepared and ready to play. He and his coaching staff coached a good ball game. They won’t overlook Western Guilford or take them lightly.

  2. Thanks Damon. I would have to agree with you. We’re very proud of all our coaches, win or lose. I’ve learned a bunch about football just having my son tell me what he learns from his coaches. Now, I’ve learned mostly defense since that is what he plays. But what they teach is pretty cool. I promise we don’t have any superstars but we do have a lot of good ones. But what makes it work is everyone doing their job. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you’ll miss it. The linebackers make a lot of plays but it’s because the d-line always does their job and the corners and safeties lock up receivers and play the run tough. Topps is a tough receiver but Armwood locked him up last night in single coverage. The d-line kept blockers off the lbers. so they could make plays. It really is a total team concept. In all my years of watching my sons play I’ve never seen better coaching. And I think that is the big difference between our team and your team. Ya’ll got some athletes that’s for sure.

    All week a few of us parents of defensive players were asking our kids if they were excited and ready to play. they kept saying they were. Many of them saw the smack talk on the boards and heard comments from people at SEG and Fritz’s c omments in the Friday paper, yet they said nothing. On Thursday night it was late and I asked my son if he wanted to watch film one more time, so we did. Again I said, “they’re fired up, they’ll be ready. What he said will tell you how the whole team felt. he said, Dad, emotion is short-lived. Hardwork and talent is forever. We’ll be fine Dad.” And he was right.

    By the way, a few on here and on NC Preps have made snide comments about our coaches from time to time. Well the boys did not know it until last night until after bthe game but that was our coaches 110th win giving them an average of 10 wins a year since they have been there. That’s not too shabby.

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