Update on the Football picks contest

Pat and Kevin are dead-locked at (11-3) going into the Monday night game. The MNF lineup has the Bills and Browns going at it in Buffalo and both Kevin and Pat have selected Buffalo. Can you smell the tie-breaker coming home to roost/roast for the first time this season. The Carolina Panthers beat the Detroit Lions, 31-22, for a total of 53 points on the board in Sunday afternoon’s contest in Charlotte.

Elsewhere we have Sadie at (10-4), Big Jim at (10-4), John at (9-5), Paul at (8-6), and Richard at (7-7).

No BigC this week, where is the Big Man, and where is that Robert Shelton? Rob Shelton, the drive-by football picker/kicker…..What happened to Bruce Bullington, I thought he was going to come in and beat the Pro, which is not me, but Big Jim Modlin????? We’ll need to get these men on the football field along with Marshall Brown, for some Turkey Day Pile Up…..

BTW, we will have the winning contest information up on the site tomorrow morning/afternoon.

We commend Carolina Traotor for the fine job they have been doing all season with their outstanding employee participation in the CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest. They will fight it out with one of our local appraisal companies for the top business involvement this year, at the site. Good job to all at Carolina Tractor.

We hear that Riggs is coming after Carolina Tractor and they want to take the top spot. Keep the competition coming.

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  1. The Ben and I used our CiCis just last night. The cuisine was superb! Then went to Gamestop and blew and hour or so onthe demos! Father/Son Quality time! Wooooooooo!

    Sadie the Dog says … Hey!

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