NFL Picks: Going 10-5 and barely staying alive!‏/CiCi’s Pizza Contest

Last week I finished a 10-5 and did not win a darn thing. Here was my problem: I had a 10-2 record, sandwiched between a Thursday night loss and a Monday night loss. So I’m determined to fix all of that starting tonight!
The Bungles, ‘er Bengals haven’t lost in 3 weeks-a win, a bye and a tie-That changes tonight-things get back to normal-Pittsburgh beats Cincy.
The Bretts-Jets are the trendy pick to beat The Titans-wrong! Tennessee stays unbeaten in a close one.
Tamps Bay goes north and indoors to beat The Lions.
St. Louis is in enough disarray for Chicago to go to the dome and win.
New England will surprise Miami in an old AFL matchup, beating the fish on the road-defense!
Well Tony is back and San Fran comes to Big D to take a licking-Cowboys the winner.
I picked KC last week-foolishly-fool me once-Buffalo will win.
It’s Houston time in Cleveland-upset special-Texans all the way.
Donovan found out there are ties in the NFL-this week he gets reminded that there are also losses-Baltimore wins.
Minnesota keeps Jacksonville’s bad season going-The Vikings win in Florida.
Another old AFL matchup-home team here- Denver over Oakland.
A good test for Carolina-road win over Atlanta –The Panthers are for real.
Washington has to win this one, don’t they? Yes, The ‘Skins over Seattle.
The best team in the league will show that they are-Giants over Arizona.
Indy has to win, but they won’t! San Diego beats The Colts.
New Orleans will win in La. over the Packers. Keep marching Saints.

*****Winner receives Two FREE Buffets from CiCi’s Pizza, and all you have to do is pick all the correct games and also give us the Total Points that will be scored in the Carolina Panthers-Atlanta Falcons game for the Tie-Breaker, and you will have it mastered and you are the weekly winner.*****

3 thoughts on “NFL Picks: Going 10-5 and barely staying alive!‏/CiCi’s Pizza Contest

  1. Steelers Browns Cowboys Bucs Titans Chiefs Bears Dolphins Jaguars Ravens Broncos Falcons Giants Seahawks Chargers Saints Points: 44

  2. pitt tenn tb chicago new england cowboys buffalo cleveland philly jax denver atl skins giants colts packers 35 points

  3. pitt jets tb bears miami cowboys nuffalo texans baltimore minn denver carolina skins giants colts new orleans 42 points

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