Hey – They Stopped The Stadium Work in Winston!

Last night leaving HPU for Football In Focus, a friend of mine who works for SHOWPROS (Security Service for Grasshoppers and various local athletic departments) stopped me as asked if I knew about the new Stadium in Winston-Salem. “Sure, it’s going to be nice,” I said. “NO, they quit work on it,” he replied.

I was in a hurry, but sure enough; accord to the Winston-Salem Journal work has “slowed” down. Reports indicate that “slowed down” really means you can’t find anybody working on site during the day.

It seems as if the Warthog Owners are in the process of an ownership change. Reports indicate that the two partners have not spoken with each other in close to a year. The Spin from the city is that this is only a “PAUSE” and everything will be okie-dokie in TEN days.

The clock is ticking. Here’s the new stadium’s website, the old Warthogs website is GONE and redirects to the new stadium.