For information purposes only! Handicapping Ragsdale at Dudley…….Dudley -19.5-over-under 46‏

With that headline, I must, in full disclosure, state that I am a Ragsdale High graduate and played a little basketball over there many decades ago. My heart is in Jamestown and with The Tigers.
Having said that, I give Dudley the edge in numerous categories: 1. Offensive Line-too big, physical and athletic 2. Defensive Line-ditto 3. QB-While Romer is steady and solid, Ricky Lewis is a dual threat-running and passing, with lots of experience in big games. The running back positions are even except for the huge holes Dudley’s offensive line can open. 4. DB’s-slight edge to Dudley because of the pressure the D-Line puts on the QB’s. I know the biggest advantage Ragsdale has is it’s kicking game, should it come down to a FG, Kasey Redfern has a HUGE advantage over the Dudley’s lack of a kicking game-they go for 2 almost all the time, so forget any medium to long range FG. 5. Dudley is playing at home, also. 6. Both coaches are as good as it gets at this level-a push there. 7. Depth- Dudley has the advantage there. I tell fans, not jokingly, that Dudley’s second team could beat a lot of schools. 8. Experience-Dudley has an advantage there, as most of their players raised the State Championship trophy last year.
Let’s not forget that both of these fine teams are 13-0 and obviously know how to win. Having played in many games where we were not”supposed” to win and did, I am looking forward to a terrific game this Friday over at Tarpley Stadium. The stadium should be rocking and the players will be flying around wildly. Andy and I will have all the action on WPET 950 a.m.-pregame 7:00-kickoff 7:30. May the better team win!!

6 thoughts on “For information purposes only! Handicapping Ragsdale at Dudley…….Dudley -19.5-over-under 46‏

  1. Man I got the Pop Corn ready. This is better than the SUPER BOWL.
    I am a Panther and I bleed Royal Blue but I cant wait to see these two power houses
    get it on. *******Feeling kind of Friday********

  2. David, Thanks for the comments. Those numbers are for handicapping the game only. On any broadcast when you hear the terms “underdog” or “heavy favorite”, someone-generally associated with Las Vegas, has put out a number handicapping the game. The announcers certainly aren’t taking bets and neither is anyone I know, especially on a high school game. Having seen and broadcast several of these teams games, I handicapped the game as such. Now, some of the heavy devotees of each team may have a friendly wager, like Governors of states do on the Super Bowl or NCAA Championships.
    Like I said, for “information purposes only.”

  3. Thanks Jim. You owed me no explanation.

    I appreciate the efforts you put into this site and the hard work you do for High School Athletics in Guilford County. It’s going to be a heck of a game!

  4. Thanks guys! We love it like you guys do and we’re THANKFUL for fans like yourselves. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!!!!

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