This might just be the State Championship game when Ragsdale meets Dudley Friday night

Both teams (13-0) and playing like it’s nobody’s business who they beat next…..This might just be the State 3-AA Title game when they meet at Dudley this Friday evening. We have been piling the hype on this game all week and for good reason.

This is the BIG ONE. How often do you see two teams from the same county going at it this late in the season/playoffs and neither team has a blemish on their record? Not a spot, not one bad mark at all. Both of these teams are perfect.

I was saying earlier this week or it might have been last week that the Ragsdale fans might be getting scared about going over to Dudley. That is just part of the hype to get everyone talking about this game. There may not be another game like this one in the history of our Guilford County. It’s all about going for the Title.

I will do anything I can to HYPE up this game because it means so much to both teams, both programs, and to both schools. How often in do you get a chance to be a part of something as big as this?

This is the BOMB and something is going to explode….There shouldn’t be one blade of grass left standing on that field after Friday night. The mayor should be there, Mo Green, the man of charge of the school system should be there, Leigh Hebbard should be there(he’s our County AD), and the message is, don’t miss this game if you are a football fan.

I saw the gladiators from Page practicing last night under the lights and when they came into the gym after practice, they looked like the Warriors they have become. Very impressive, what the Pirates and the NEG Rams have accomplished.

History in the making though on Friday night at Dudley, (13-0) and somebody is going down…….