Get Stuffed! Pauls pro pigskin prognositications weeks 13

Last week 12-4 110-62-1 for the season.

Tennessee @ Detroit: The Titans fell hard last week, the Lions have been in free fall for 50 years. Under normal circumstances this would be a resounding rout, and it may well be today as well. But something tells me the Lions will make it interesting. Titans 27 Lions 20

Seattle @ Dallas: This one however has all the trappings of a romp for Romo and company. Dallas 45 Seattle 14

Arizona @ Philadelphia: Drama surrounds the fading Eagles and it will be interesting to see how Philly fan reacts if Donovan McNabb has a bad night. The leaky Cardinals defense though makes that less of a possibility as the Eagles get one to keep those severly fading playoff hopes flickering. Eagles 31 Cardinals 28

San Francsco @ Buffalo: Bills got their 2nd wind in a big way last week, look for them to blow away the sadsack Niners. Bills 37 Niners 17

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Too much Ravens D for the depleted and dysfuctional Bengals to handle. Ravens 30 Bengals 14

Indianapolis @ Cleveland: The Colts are coming into form, the Browns just cannot seem to get a break, unless your talking about Brady Quinn’s finger.
Colts 31 Browns 20

Carolina @ Green Bay: Nothing like a trip to the frozen tundra to determine just how fit of a contender you are. Hometown heroes bounce back from the shellacking last week in the town Sherman once burned down. Panthers 27 Packers 24

Miami 2 St. louis: The Dolphins just keep finding ways to get things done, the Rams have regressed to the woeful state they were in at the start of the season.
Dolphins 28 Rams 13

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: The Saints can score in bunches but continue to lack the defensive presence needed, especially on the road. Bucs 30 Saints 24

NY Giants @ Washington: The Redskins must win this one to keep pace in the wildcard race and the Giants could care less. Football is a game of matchups and the matchups in this game favor the G-men accorss the board. Giants 26 Skins 13

Atlanta @ San Diego: The Falcons are really starting to become a force, the Chargers continue to stay in disarray. Falcons 23 Chargers 21

Pittsburgh @ New England: Matt Cassel has caugfht fire with back to back 400yd passing performances. Don’t look for that level of production against a quality defense like the Steelers, but he will produce enough to keep the Pats on pace for a wildcard birth. Pats 21 Steelers 17

Denver @ NY Jets: Historically the Broncos just do not play well when coming east, and coming off a three TD loss at home to the rancid Raiders coupled with Brett Favre looking rather spry for his age and you have the recipe for a beatdown. Jets 41 Broncos 21

KC @ Oakland: Wow how have these two proud francises fallen. Vegas says the Raiders are about a touchdown better,.I say that the Raiders shouldnt be favored by a TD over a high school team. KC 22 Oakland 17

Chicago @ Minnesota: Last time these two meet it turned into a track meet. Don’t look for that to repeat itself, and look for the difference to be the incomporable Adrian Peterson. Viking 17 Bears 13

Jacksonville @ Houston: This is as uninspiring as it gets on MNF. When in doubt, or better yet when you could care less take the home team.
Texans 31 Jags 23