71ST stops Page playoff run 28-3

Tonight at MArion Kirby Stadium Fayetteville 71st forced 4 turnovers and QB Gerad Brayborn threw for one score and ran for another as the Falcons flattened the Pirates 28-3. 71st speed on defense and the skill positions posted a daunting challange for the Pirates but early on QB Will Newman went down with a seperated shoulder thrusting Bruce Moody into the fray. Moody played well in spots but could not muster enough consistency on a night where the Pirates had to be perfect. Page concludes the year 9-5, 71st moves onto the 4-A West Finals where the Falcons will host South Mecklenburg who knocked off AC Reynolds of Asheville.

33 thoughts on “71ST stops Page playoff run 28-3

  1. One dimentional Page couldn’t get it done against 71st……….I thought this one would be closer but aparently Page stopped playing when Newman went down.

    Ohh well……..

  2. Page did not stop playing when Newman went down.
    McKoy (not Moody), made some bad decisions and had 4 turnovers in the 2nd half.
    If you knew anything about 71st, you would know that you can’t make turnovers and keep your defense on the field. The Page defense was on the field for far too long because of the turnovers.
    How is Page one dimensional? Page has one of the most balanced offenses in the area. They didn’t rely on the pass or the run all year.

  3. Page QB Will Newman got hit on a 3rd and 10 QB draw play at the LoS, and that was the play that was the turning point in the game. Dislocated shoulder and out for the game. Page really couldnt get near the endzone for the rest of the game. Newman has had shoulder problems his whole football career, so I wasn’t really surprised by it. When your backbone on offense (36 total TDs and close to 3000 yards) goes down, you know its going to be a long night, and it was. Back up QB Bruce McKoy had 4 turnovers in the 2nd half, 2 INTs and 2 fumbles. Credit to the 71st falcons, they made the plays to win the game. Page’s defense did a good job of stopping the 71st rushing attack, but not being able to move the ball on offense to keep our D off the feild really hurt. 71st had a 12 minute drive in the 3rd that went into the 4th quarter. The Falcons scored there last 2 TD’s late in the 4th. Tough game for the Pirates. But, not a bad season at all. 9-5 is worlds better then 0-10 we had 4 years back. Coach Kevin Gillespie has really brought this program back up. Good luck to Seventy-First next week.

  4. To be honest Page would not have done much better with Newman. 71st is that strong. You can say what you want about the defense being on the field, but there comes a time when the D has to stop some one and they didn’t on this night. As far as the 2nd string QB what do you expect? He’s taken limited snaps all year.

  5. DudleyFan,

    That was an unfair statement about Page. I don’t know any football team on any level that doesn’t suffer setbacks when missing a vital cog to their team, especially a QB the caliber of Newman. They lost to a good 71st football team. If you want to talk about one dimensional then talk about Dudley’s offense. It’s one dimensional. I was at the game last night and have been to a few Dudley games the last two years. The whole state knows that it’s run the ball…run the ball…and run the ball some more. It’s just that the Panthers do it with success and would be stupid not to when average about 8 yards/carry. So leave the Page kids alone, they play to their strength (Newman) just like the Panthers play to their strength (the run). The Kids at Page fought hard to get there just like all the other teams in Guilford County and should be congratulated for their efforts.

    Thanks Pirates and Tigers for an entertaining season football. Your hard work and effort were much appreciate. Go Panthers….Greensboro and Guilford County is looking for back to back!!!

  6. I was at the Page/71st game and would have to agree with Ron and Dudleyfan on this one. Newman makes Page look one dimensional as he seems to be the only kid capable of making plays. If you stop Newman apparently you stop Page. I wish Coach Saunders could have figured this out…..

  7. I wish everyone would stop thinking Will Newman is that amazing, I have attended 11 of the 14 Page Football games this year, and he isn’t that good. He can’t sit in the pocket and throw the ball and he makes horrible decisions. If I ran a 4.51, and spent as much time on being a QB as his dad made him, I would be four times as good as Newman. The thing that hurt the Pirates the most was not having the number one running back Perry Fryer. Another note, Coach G has done a great job at Page, but he has one of the most athletic kids in Thuc Phan, and the way they utilize him is borderline disgusting, they need to watch any College team that runs the spread with a fast undersized kid, and thats how you utilize Phan, ex: Noel Devine.

  8. RR, if you have been to 11 games in which Newman played and you say he isnt that good, you dont know football. He is a hell of a HS baller. He throws a beautiful pass w/ pinpoint accuracy. He has breakaway speed that makes him more than one dimensional. His receivers are pretty small targets and that hurts when you throw the way he does. I saw numerous passes dropped as well.

  9. Let me speak on Friday’s game. Page lost to Fayetteville 71st for a COMBINATION of reasons. Will Newman was injured. The team constantly missed great opportunities to score or make big plays and they didn’t capitalize on the big plays they had. Also, Page committed many turnovers and our defense was on the field too long. The morale decreased not only among the Page football players but the entire home side of Marion Kirby Stadium as the game progressed. The list goes on….but all and all, it was a great season for the Page Pirates. The team ends the season with a (9-5) record, the best Pirate record in five-plus years. The loss hurts now, but later on the team will look back at this season as a huge success.

  10. Rover.
    I agree with your assessment of Page. I wish we had that kid Phan at Dudley he would be an all american by now. Hopefully they will figure out that he is the fastest kid in greensboro and how to get him the ball. Also everyone speaks of the line Page has. Hmm guess they didn’t show up Friday. As for the receivers their size has nothing to do with it. Actually they are pretty average size for HS kids. That’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard thus far. Had the O-line done their job Mckoy could have put points on the board. It’s kind of hard when you’re running for your life.

  11. The problem Ron (or ron) is that Dudley is (14-0) undefeated and you are still hating on the football program that we got at Page. Let me remind you that on September 19th, 2008, Page’s chances of coming back and forcing an OT against Dudley diminished with a 12-man call against the Pirates (Coach’s mistake). Dudley barely won that game and Page stayed with Dudley the whole game. At the end, Dudley beat Page, but that does not mean that you get on this website and start bashing the Page Pirates. The truth is the Page had a shot at EVERY game this season and could have been undefeated. But we’re not. We made it to the third round of the 4-A playoffs and Page hasn’t done that in five-plus years. Like it or not, the Pirates had a great season. You need to get a life.

  12. i hate on everyone except DHS. See that’s the problem. Everyone is into moral victories now. Where are the men on this board? Where are your jewels. Everyone has a chance to beat someone if they put on the pads. It could happen on any given Friday. So you need to get a life young man and stop discussing moral victories. There’s no place for that in sports. A lost is a lost and that’s the bottom line. Page had their chances. Yeah right! You’re right we are 14-0 so why am i even having this discussion. On to the NE fans. Later dude.

  13. Wow! You are very ignorant. I can discuss moral victories if I want. I do hope that Dudley wins the 3-AA Championship because that makes Dudley and Greensboro look good. They are a great team and I am not trying to take anything away from them. However, they do not need a trash-talking moron speaking for them. Dudley does their talking on the field. They don’t need you.

    And check that, it’s spelled “LOSS” not lost. Get a dictionary.

  14. Lil boy don’t you have homework to do? Resorting to name calling is so 10th grade. Maybe if they had you on the field instead of being a cheerleader from the band section they could have beat DHS,Davie,71st,Ragsdale and East Forsyth. So put that in your moral pipe and smoke it.

  15. Cheerleader from the band section? That’s rich. Talk about name calling. You’re not worth my time old geezer.

  16. lol. I hope Dudley goes and wins the 3-AA state championship. I was just getting hot in the moment (like the typical teen). You just keep doing what you do best: being ron.

  17. While the OL had their troubles with a very good 71st defensive front, the turnovers were their doom…Ron, trust me, since you weren’t there, the turnovers weren’t because of the OL…It comes a point in time where pointing fingers really just has to go away, because manning up is realizing that protecting the ball is your own responsibility…By the way, that same OL didn’t do so bad against Dudley as I recall, and supposedly Dudley had the best defensive front in the state…However, I will go out on a limb and say this, that Dudley does not have the best defensive front in the state, because 71st is much better and they bring the hits…

    Now, on to Thuc Phan, since everyone is a coach in the stands now a days and don’t leave the coaching to the coaches…Maybe there is more to it than we all realize…Its easy up in the stands to see something that we think is great on one Friday night, but I’m sure that none of us are at school the other four days to notice things that happen in practice…Maybe there is a reason, and I say let us just trust in the coaching staff and believe that they are doing what is best…He is a sophomore, and yes after watching him play this year he is going to be a very talented player for the next two years…In the 71st game he is returning every punt and kick, he caught two balls, and he had like 10 rushes in the game…I would say that is trying to utilize him in many different areas…So, what is that, like almost 20 touches?…I would say that is getting him some touches…So, if Coach Gillespie disgusts you because you feel that Thuc isn’t getting enough blows, then obviously you aren’t watching the same game that the Page supporters are watching…The Page program has picked itself up the last few years, and yes they were close to winning some games against some very talented teams, but the good thing is that the program is coming back…I’ve seen some JV games as well, and let me tell you that they have a great looking freshman QB and freshman RB that are going to be off the charts…The QB is already 6’1″ and runs like a damn deer and can sling it as well, and the RB is speedy with great bursts through the holes and is very strong already…I don’t know how much either will contribute next year, but with McCoy struggling like he did Friday night, well, I would think that the freshman is going to give him a run for his money next year…I like where the program is going at Page…If they can get some OL help then they will be a force to reckon with in years coming…

    By the way, if And i’s right about Coach Davis at Dudley then let us see how much smack Ron talks when Dudley loses Davis to A&T or to another program…Hopefully, they will be able to find a decent replacement to keep Dudley together and running as smooth as they are now, but I doubt it…Davis is a good coach for them, and seeing Davis do well is great, since he was a member of a past Page staff…

  18. You’ve made some valid points. Page will be back no doubt about it. They have great athletes. I know the issue with Thuc. I’ll just keep that to myself. As for your comment about our D line. Ask Romer about them. 10 sacks is freaking sick! The JV QB in which you speak James Summers may be headed to DHS. He lives in their district, so we’ll have to wait next year to see what happens with that. A&T will never hire a High school coach. Not saying he can’t do the job, because I think he can. They have to get a name in there because of the past 4 years they have had. Davis did come from Page along with Floyd before him and KP. We are truly glad to have them at DHS. All in all i am glad to see Page back to being Page. I’ve had many battles with them on the field from 88-91 in both football,bball, and baseball. So it’s glad to see them on their way back. My 2 best friends are Page graduates.


  19. Ron,

    Did u go to A&T? 88-91 you had some key battles with Page. You may know one of my best friends who played LB at Page during that same time.

  20. Lamonte’ Bethea…..his dad, Elvin, played at A&T and is in the NFL Hall of Fame. We were both in the ROTC program at T. Lamonte’s homeboy Warren who played with him at Page was playing at T for a brief moment.

  21. Man how is Lamont? I went to elementary with Lamont. Is he still flying? I remember Warren too. Both those guys were good LB’ers. I remember all the hype surrounding Warren when he moved down from Maryland. We had him posted on or bulletin board in our locker room. Lamont was a very hard runner also. I had much respect for those boys. If you talk to him tell him Bug said what’s up. I bet we know each other.

  22. Lamonte’ is still flying. Back in the day we use to try to impress the females by flying to the beach on a Saturday. We thought we were big time. Lamonte’ is flying for Fedex out of Memphis. He did his time in the Navy and bounced onto bigger and better things. Warren is still in the area. I ran into him about a year ago.

  23. I did the Civil Air Patrol thing with ROTC and earned a few hours, but that’s about it. I took several trips with Lamonte up in the Cesna he flew to get hours. That thing was like a glider with a lawn mower engine. I majored in Physics and Lamonte did the math thing.

    I came to A&T from Northern VA (Dale City). Greensboro grew on me, so after doing 10 years in the Navy, I moved back here. Great City, Great people, good area for high school sports for my little brothers (young enough to my kids).

  24. Glad you like it here. Man don’t take this board too seriously. We just like to get on here and talk smack. What school do your brothers attend? You a physics guy huh? Hmm that means you had to have had a class with Dr. Gravely. Hey my oldest son enjoys Physics do you know of any good summer camps? He’ll be a 6th grader next year. Dude i don’t evn have the brain for that stuff. My kids do.

  25. My Brothers are at Southeast. The oldest is graduating in May and looking to go to a PG school, hopefully Hargrave. I’m taking him with me to Norway this summer for a week or two to workout with a Professional soccer team. I want him to see exactly where he stands soccer wise before he fully commits to playing football. If you go to YouTube and type in Terrance Topps, he has a football highlight there. The youngest is an 8th grader at SEMS. He starred at RB and Strong Safety. We are thinking about trying to get him into Veritas.

  26. I’ve heard of Topps. Has any one contacted you from Hargrave? We are good friends with the coach. I also talked to the A&T coaches and they had mentioned him. Small world. My kids play for the Sharks program out there. My 10 year old is a QB and LB. My 8 year old is a RB and Corner. Very good program out there. Has the coach from Veritas contacted you? I know he’s been scouting this area hard. I’ve seen him at a couple of games. I’m also real close to that program. If you want a tour let me know. The AP at SE is one of my Fraternity Brothers. So Terrance plays soccer too? That explains why he kicks. I like him he’s a good underated athlete.

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