Paul’s pro pigskin prognostications week 14

Last week 13-3 123-65-1 for the season

Oakland @ San Diego: The Chargers have nothing left to play for, but the Raiders never had anything to play with. Chargers 31 Raiders 13

Jacksonville @ Chicago: If the Chargers are the biggest flop in football the Jags are a close 2nd. The Bears are up and down but have the pleasure of playing in a putrid division. However the Bears can ill afford to fall any further behind, couple that with conditions that even in a best case scenario tends to cool warm weather teams and it adds up for a long day for the Jags. Bears 24 Jags 10

Minnesota @ Detroit: The Vikings are dealing with the media circus surrounding the suspensions and injunctions being thrown about like snowballs in the case of Kevin Williams and Pat Williams who are among six NFL players suspended for four games Tuesday for testing positive for a banned diuretic, which can be used as a masking agent for steroids. Well it looks like they will both be in the lineup this weekend, meaning the Lions are one game closer to making the type of history no one wants.
Vikings 31 Detroit 17

Houston @ Green Bay: Conventional wisdom says the Packers at home in December is a no brainer, but Aaron Rodgers is not showing the ability to win the tight games like (cough cough) his predecessor, and that is what the NFL is all about, winning tight games. Texans 23 Packers 21

Cleveland @ Tennessee: With home field all but sown up it appears that the Titans are tuning up for the postseason so perhaps the intangibles that have existed all year for the leagues pluckiest might not exist. But considering in just how deep a tailspin the Brownies are in suggest it may not be needed.
Titans 27 Brown 13

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis: Peyton Manning and company are coming on like gangbusters. The Bengals on the other hands just bumble along at a pace that is impressive for even that franchises history of incompetence. Colts 35 Bengals 16

Atlanta @ New Orleans: The Falcons have exceeded all expectations. The Saints on the other hand have been a mild disappointment but injuries have been a big factor in the Saints flaws. Well this week Reggie Bush comes back into the fold and that could spell bad news for the Falcons. Saints 31 Falcons 27

Philadelphia @ NY Giants: As Donovan McNabb goes so go the Eagles. The Giants on the other hand just seem to keep stream rolling along no matter the distraction. McNabb has struggled mightily against tough defenses all season, I do not see an exception this Sunday. Giants 28 Eagles 13

Kansas City @ Denver: Denver may have the leakiest defense in the league, but the Chiefs just do not have enough firepower to keep pace with Jay Cutler’s crew. Broncos 34 Chiefs 21

Miami @ Buffalo: The NFL takes its act north of the boarder as in a tale of two teams heading in opposite directions the Bills continue to fade away while the Dolphins seem to be gaining strength with each passing week. Miami 21 Buffalo 20

NY Jets @ San Francisco: The Jets, in typical Jets fashion, seem to stumble at the most inopportune moments, last weeks loss at home to Denver is a prime example. The Niners however just do not have enough to handle this crew. Jets 30 49ers 21

New England @ Seattle; The Pats might still be smarting from the smackdown placed upon them by the Steelers, but facing a Seattle team that fell apart long ago might just be the medicine needed to bolster their spirits if not the Patriots playoff position. Pats 24 Seahawks 14

St. Louis @ Arizona: What better way for the Cardinals to officially clinch the NFC west than with a win over the team from their old hometown. Cardinals 38 Rams 17

Dallas @ Pittsburgh: In a matchup that will always bring back memories of Super Bowls from the 1970s look for the surging Steelers to derail the Dallas express with a Steel Curtain-esque effort against Tony Romo who should be just about ready to go into his annual late season swoon. Steelers 24 Cowboys 17
Washington @ Baltimore: In what I see as a defensive batter the Ravens rugged defense is just going to be too much for a Redskins offense that has struggled a lot in recent weeks. Ravens 16 Skins 10

Tampa Bay @ Carolina: MNF pays a visit to uptown Charlotte for a game that in all likely hood will determine the NFC South victor. The Panthers have been a very pleasant surprise and should have the emotional advantage thanks to the 27-3 pasting a few weeks back down in Tampa. But the Bucs just seem to match-up at lot better. Tampa 20 Carolina 13