This man was a Class Act! Dave Goren Positive Impact on our Community

Dave Goren is a Class Act and you talk about a Positive Impact on the local community. Dave did everything the right way and as his time ends at WXII TV 12 he will leave a major void in the local sports scene. I don’t know the details about why he is leaving WXII, but from what I was able to discern, he paid his dues, waited his turn, and did not burn bridges along the way.

From I could tell, Dave Goren showed total respect to the company he represented(Hearst-Argyle) and he created the type of influence that would make company owners proud.

I hope another outlet in our Triad market will pick him up and allow him to do what he does best, promote the sports in our community. I wish News Channel 14 would bring him on board with Mike Solarte, Jim Conners and Bill Welch.

Good luck to Dave Goren and thanks for supporting this web site/sports blog……

Here’s a note from Dave that came in earlier today:

Just wanted to say thank you for your suppport and having me on your show last month. I had a great time and you guys do a great job!

I am thankful also to WXII for 20-plus years of allowing me to do something I have loved and allowing me to get to know so many friendly people.

If I can ever help you with anything, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.

-Dave Goren

*****Again, Dave Goren, Class Act!*****