Ric Flair calls Greensboro his New York City, “my Madison Square Garden”

from Bruce Mitchell,

The night before a unique, historic independent show in Charlotte, N.C. Ric Flair received the keys to the city he called “my New York City, my Madison Square Garden” at a promoted wrestling/autograph show in Greensboro, N.C. Flair was given the key by the man who spearheaded the effort to honor him in front of the Greensboro City Council, blogger Ben Holder.

Flair took the key eagerly, wishing he had it in the eighties for a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card or to show to some of the motels that kicked him out back then.

Flair’s speech to the crowd of about two hundred at Proehlific Park was, as expected, the highlight of a show that featured a match from touted rookie Ricky Steamboat, Jr., and one of the two last appearances ever of the Stan Lane & Bobby Eaton version of the Midnight Express.

Flair talked about the state of the economy then reminisced about some of the highlights of his career in Greensboro, remembering the fun he had with the two Expresses in and out of the ring. He said that Bobby Eaton “could dring more beer than Andre the Giant.”

Flair, acknowledging Steamboat Jr. and his mother Bonnie at the show, once again said that Steamboat, Sr. was his greatest opponent, laughingly noting that, “We’re going to make Vince McMahon pay through the nose for the services of Reid and Ricky.”

Steamboat Jr. was impressive for a wrestler at such an early stage in his career, beating one of his trainers, veteran George South. Steamboat had just returned from a stint in Harley Race’s training camp. He was his father’s son, particularly in his ability and willingness to sell.

The main event featured Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, The Rock’n’Roll Express facing The Midnight Express (w/ Sal “The Big Cheese” Corrente). Greensboro native got the pin to win in front of both his mother and wife.

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  1. Ric Flair is my main man and I was excited to see him. Even though I am only eight years old I really enjoy seeing the legends live. It was a great suprise for me and I hope Greensboro does this more often woooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!Go Ric Flair

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