Dudley-Kannapolis Brown: A few thoughts from Coach Pursley of Northeast on Dudley‏

from Jim Modlin:

Well, It’s game on Saturday afternoon between Dudley and Kannapolis Brown at BB & T/Groves Stadium. Dudley comes in 15-0 and the boys from “Earnhardt country” come in 13-2. Andy and I will have the game on WPET 950 a.m.-pregame 4:00-Kickoff 4:30.

We talked with Coach Pursley from Northeast in our pre-game Friday about The Panthers. Coach Pursley tells it like it is and had some interesting and insightful comments about Dudley. Tommy thinks this is the best Dudley team he has seen in 16 years of facing the Panthers-the best defensive team he has seen in high school. He added that Dudley, when it is all said and done, is probably the best high school team in the STATE-period.

Andy asked Coach Davis of Dudley how or what he would do to prepare for his team. Without hesitation and with a very, very slight grin, he said “Beg for mercy.” He was dead serious. Now for all of this to get a good toe-hold Dudley will have to handle Kannapolis Brown or the Panthers and their nation will be extremely disappointed. Second in the state is not good enough now, having won one last year against Charlotte Catholic.

One big misconception about this and other Dudley teams is that they can’t pass the ball. Well, they can, if they have to-just ask Charlotte Catholic. Ricky Lewis is extremely effective running in either direction and hitting receivers while he and they are on the move. The BIG key to the Dudley success is both lines the D-line and the O-line. There is not too much finesse there-show up and move the other side around-imposing their will on the other side.

It should and will be exciting-tune in if you can’t make the 26 mile jaunt to Wake. if everything goes as planned, Dudley will make the short trip back to GSO with another BIG Trophy!! State Champions-back to back!!!!

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  1. Dudley is very good , no doubt. They may be the best in any classification. It seems many Dudley fans want to talk about Lewis and Overby but Dudley wins because of their lines. I’ve been saying it weeks. That D-line is great.

    It think the comment about ‘beg for mercy’ is a little arrogant, but that’s just my opinion. The Page game and the Ragsdale game were close until late. Nobody begged for mercy in those games. They have their weaknesses but I’m not sure anyone can beat them.

  2. Well, the Page game remained close with the final score 28-21 Dudley. A 12-man call (Terrible call by Page’s Coaches to put 12 men on the field) against the Pirates during 4th & 5 for the Panthers resulted in a first down for Dudley and sealed the loss for Page. Page played tough with Dudley until the very end.

  3. Kirk, You know I can see how you would see that as arrogant, but I don’t really think it was in full context. I know Steve did not want to REALLY tell us how to beat his team-who knows who is listening-and at this point, knowing Coach Davis like I do, I think it was “Man, we are playing so good-full cofidence-beg for mercy. I, being a RHS grad, take it that Ragsdale was pretty darned good……Steve actually said more than once that “we beat a relly good football team last week”-a.k.a-Ragsdale! Maybe I should have put that in the initial piece to add to the FULL context! Coach Davis is a super guy and a terrific coach, by the way. Go Panthers!

  4. Page may have done well against Dudley, but they sure as heck gave the Davie County game away after being up so big at halftime. With that said, the ” Choke Job of the Season” award sshould go to the Page Pirates.

  5. If you remember I stated earlier that this is the best Dudley team I have ever seen.
    Ive been going to Dudley football games for over 45 yrs so I have seen some of there
    best teams. I not only like to watch this game I study players and coaches and this team has more weapons to beat you ( running backs, o-line, d-line, quaterback) athletes in general. Coach Davis is a really hard worker he earns his money and I like that in any Coach. He has my respect .

  6. Thanks Jim. I just read the one statement and that’s the way it came off. Plus, it’s just my opinion. It doesn’t matter.

    Raygc I would agree this is a very good Dudley team. I can’t compare them to the past since I have not seen Dudley consistantly past the last 3 years. As to Davis and respect, I don’t see where anyone has said they don’t respect him as a football coach. I would think he has most everyone’s respect as a coach. As a person most of us don’t know him so we can’t accurately comment. No doubt he has done a great job with those kids. FWIW, one of his fraternity brothers is one of my partners and he has nothing but praise for Davis. Good luck Friday. Hopefully most of Greensboro will be pulling for you.

  7. Dudley is definatly the best team in the state, i think they could win the 4-a state championship to, they beat richmond county and richmond county beat independence and now is in the state championship!

    Who do you think the all area team picks will be?

  8. I am waiting for GS.com to give the Player Of The Year award to Ricky Lewis, let us know when the presentation will be I may want to attend.

  9. Kirk please I said he has my Respect.
    And please let the Ragsdale Game GO PLEASE Nobody said you begged for mercy.

    Thanks for pulling for Dudley

  10. Ray, I don’t keep bringing it up. I don’t see where I mentioned it in the post above. It’s already baseball season out our way. Good luck Friday.

  11. Kirk I see where you are going with this . We at Dudley will enjoy Basketball first and then we will play or baseball season.
    Yes we know that you have a good baseball team and I hope you win so we dont have to hear you CRY . LET IT GO

  12. Ray, actually you don’t see where I’m going with this because I’ don’t intend to go anywhere with it.

    I love basketball. But my son doesn’t play, so our personal situation is we are not involved. We go to games and cheer for the team but that’s it. He does play baseball. So he is involved in baseball right now. That’s all I meant. I don’t know what you’re thinking. I was being sincere.

    As far as Dudley and Ragsdale baseball, traditionally the two schools don’t play each other. I guess we could one day but I have not heard that we do.

    It seems you’re the one crying for attention. Maybe you should let it go.

  13. Congrats to Dudley for making the top 100 high school football teams in the nation on rivals.com. I believe Dudley was ranked 90 and above Charlotte Independence.

  14. Did your son play football??????
    If he did quit crying.
    Let it go
    Its not all about your son its about all the kids.
    Save some tears for the next sport your son plays.

    Take Care

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