The NASCAR Pinch

The News & Record reports that Bobby Labonte has been released from his contract at Petty Enterprises. They don’t have a Full-Time Sponsor for next year and gave him an out to pursue a full-time ride.

While this is technically a result of the economy; it is also a result of NASCAR getting too big for their britches. NASCAR is no longer Moonshiners outrunning the Man. It’s suits flying in jets, wheeling a dealing. It’s abandoned its base going for the FAST CASH.

Now the economy has taken a dive, the easy pickens are harder to get. NASCAR has gotten fat off developing new fans; but when the economy dries up – those fans are disappearing as well. Remember when North Wilkesboro and Rockingham had races – there wasn’t any money issues ack then, The hardcore fans are gone and now NASCAR teams must compete with other fickle-fan sports.