Ci’s Ci’s NFL Picks: Following Paul’s Herman Hemits theme-Something Tells Me I’m into Something GOOD!‏

I like Paul’s Herman’s Hermits line-who wouldn’t after going 13-3? Awfully strong! I do a more than respectable 11-5 and finish a distant second and we don’t play for SECOND place here! So Mrs. Brown, here comes your daughter’s boyfriend’s picks:
New York beat Buffalo earlier at Buffalo, if my fading memory is correct. Very tempting to pick Buffalo to pay back, but not me-The Bretts-Jets win.
Tennessee has clinched the division. Houston shoots them down in Texas.
Two bad teams-home team in this one St. Louis wins.
Both of these need to win. Can’t happen-I pick Tampa Bay on the road over Atlanta.
Traveling coast to coast equals loss for SF. Miami wins.
Indy in a NO BRAINER over The Lions.
Kansas City continues San Diego’s misery. KC your winner.
Washington is struggling somewhat, but they are still playing the BUNGLES. Washington wins.
Jacksonville continues to lose to Green Bay as GB likes the warm weather.
Super matchup here-Home team wins-AZ over MINN.
OK, Carolina, no letdowns-The Panthers win over Denver.
New England is traveling, but still good enough to beat Oakland.
Ah, now here is the Game of the Week for me. Baltimore to win as Pittsburgh has a Dallas hangover.
Speaking of Dallas-they’ re still trying to figure out what happened last week. BUT, they do beat the NFL’s best, New York.
I’m back on Philadelphia, mainly because they are playing Cleveland. Philly wins on MNF.


*****Tie-breaker is Total Points on Carolina Panthers-Denver Broncos game.*****