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Looking at some numbers on Dudley and Kannapolis before tomorrow’s game

Ricky Lewis, Jr – 222 carries – 1,939 yards – 31 TDS

Fred Overby – 206 carries – 1,655 yards – 20 TDS

Ricky Lewis, Jr. – 93 – 133 – 1,423 yards – 11 TDS

Jamill Lott– 185 carries- 1072 yards- 14 TDS
Johnathan Williams– 106 carries- 671 yards- 7 TDS
Antwoine Jordan– 114 carries- 655 yards- 9 TDS
Travis Riley– 65 carries- 346 yards- 9 TDS

Jamill Lott– 111-225- 1766 yards- 21 TDS/22 INTS- 109.1 Yards per game

TJ Johnson– 49 receptions- 793 yards- 12 TDS
Colby Reid– 18 receptions- 429 yards- 6 TDS
Zach Massey– 16 receptions- 218 yards- 4 TDS

Morgan McDaniel– 63 PAT’s- 7 FG’s

*****Research compiled from maxpreps.com and ncpreps.com*****

6 Comments on “Looking at some numbers on Dudley and Kannapolis before tomorrow’s game

  1. I hope Dudley can win. I will be there and give my analysis after the game on this blog but if there is one thing that might come back to not work is for Dudley to not have a field goal kicker. It has worked up to this point but I have a feeling it will not work to their advantage in the championship game. Special teams is a integral part of football and not having a field goal kicker in this day and time is unthinkable.

    I hope the game is not close but if the game is close and a field goal kicker is needed for the panthers late in game. I would blame the coach for not having a field goal kicker.

  2. They do have a kicker. His name is Ricky Lewis. They have not been in a tight game in which they needed a kicker. Dudley by 3 TD’s . That’s all folks!


  3. Good luck today Dudley.

    I realize they have a kicker. And Ron, you are correct. They have not needed one. And hopefully Dudley won’t need one today. However I can’t believe there is not one soccer player over there that doesn’t want to play football. Many kickers in HS today are also on the soccer team. Anyway, good luck and enjoy the experience.

  4. I don’t expect the game to be close enough to come down to the kicking game. Although I do expect Brown will give them a game. I predict Dudley by two TDs. I hope they do it and bring another title back to Greensboro.

  5. 34-18! Dudley!

    Despite the score, this game wasn’t close.


    Potentially the best defensive front 7 ever seen in NC high school football!

    Back 2 Back State Champions and MVP Ricky Lewis! Josh Jones…Defensive MVP and #1 academically in the 2009 graduationg senior class!

    Congratulations Coach Steven Davis and his staff. Please stay!

    Congratulations to AD Joe Goddette for maintaining compliance in a highly charged and scrutinized season.

    Congratulations to all the parents, family, boosters and fans…One of a kind!

    One time for the band! See you in DC!


    Oh…one more thing….juniors, sophomores, and freshmen…conditioning for the 2009 season starts tomorrow!

    4-A…We’re ready!

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