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Time Warner ads MLB but not MASN

Time Warner will be adding the MLB Network starting January 2009. They have lost TWICE in lawsuits to add the Bruce Bullington Network, aka MASN.

The MLB Channel will be on the Digital Tier; while MASN wants to be on the Analog Tier. It really doesn’t matter as the Analog Tier will eventually be gone as broadcasters convert to digital next year and low power stations a few years later.

One comment on “Time Warner ads MLB but not MASN

  1. #1, it’s “adds”, not “ads”.

    #2, Your article isn’t very clear on who has lost multiple rulings in regards to MASN. It’s Time Warner who has actually lost THREE rulings in their attempts to keep MASN off of the system. They have appealed all the way to the full FCC, which they will lose as well.

    And it very much matters where MASN winds up on cable (and you know it). Most subscribers have a package that only includes channels 2-77. The number that have the digital conversion boxes to get the digital tier channels is a fraction of the overall number of those who have the standard tier. It puts them at a disadvantage to the regional sports networks that TWC willingly carries on the standard tier. This is why they’ve lost the other three rulings.

    And the digital conversion being done by over-the-air broadcasters won’t change the cable paradigm at all (something I’d hope you know as well). Channel 2 is still going to be on cable channel 9 on February 18th, just like it is today. Whether or not over-the-air broadcasters convert to digital doesn’t effect whether TWC puts MASN on channel 60 or channel 240.

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