One more score this game is close? The game was never close, Dudley 34-18

It’s Panther Time, It’s Panther Time, It’s Panther Time, It’s Panther Time……

That’s what Skip, the Public Address announcer, from Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium was yelling in his sleep last night along with Coach Steven Davis, Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick, Coach Ken Page, Strength and Conditioning Coach Curtis McMillan, Ricky Lewis Jr., JR Peterson, Fred Overby, Rakeem Overby, Josh Jones, Chris Neal, Kelton Sheppard, Darius Hall, Major Bryant, Devarris Martin, Tavorrius Stanback, Cameron Ingram, Steven McCain, Demarcus Bell, Dominique Neal, Tevin Williams, Quan Nevels, Ron Gwynn, David Amerson. Jeremy Reynolds, Denzel Jones, Tayshawn Lowe, Justin Ferguson and all of the Panthers, who now have their 2008 State 3-AA title trophy in hand.(I’m doing all of those names from memory, so if I left anybody out, Sorry fellows…..)

“Skip the PA Man”, (unlike “Skip the Prize Guy”), kind of embodies the Dudley Panther Spirit. The Spirit from the 2007/2008 Championship teams will live on for many years to come, just like the spirit from the back-to-back basketball title teams from 2005/2006 still lives on at the Dudley campus on Lincoln Street and throughout the Panther Nation.

The Panther Nation was never really threatened on Saturday afternoon at BB&T Field when Dudley ran over and around the Wonders from Kannapolis Brown. If A.L. Brown scores one more touchdown then the score would read, Dudley over Brown, 34-26, and that’s if the Wonders went for two and got it.

The Wonders got too, but it was TOO much Dudley defense living in their backfield and Dudley runningbacks Ricky Lewis Jr. and J.R. Peterson both going for over 100 yards, just like Williams and Stewart from the other Panthers team. The game was never really close; from the opening kickoff until time expired; IT WAS PANTHER TIME….

Dudley closes at (16-0) and you can’t ask for more than that…..Good job by the team of Don and Joe on Saturday with Don blogging it at the site and Joe providing the key post-game numbers. Good job also by Joe on the re-cap of the Ragsdale-Page basketball game from Friday night.

What is up next for the Dudley seniors?????? Where will Ricky Lewis Jr. go and what about Shepard, Jones, Neal, and Hall???? What will become of Fred and Rakeem Overby, and the list goes on and on…..

For right now It’s Panther Time, It’s Panther Time, It’s Panther Time, IT IS PANTHER TIME…….

3 thoughts on “One more score this game is close? The game was never close, Dudley 34-18

  1. 34-18! Dudley!

    Despite the score, this game wasn’t close.


    Potentially the best defensive front 7 ever seen in NC high school football!

    Back 2 Back State Champions and MVP Ricky Lewis! Josh Jones…Defensive MVP and #1 academically in the 2009 graduating senior class!

    Congratulations Coach Steven Davis and his staff. Please stay!

    Congratulations to AD Joe Goddette for maintaining compliance in a highly charged and scrutinized season.

    Congratulations to all the parents, family, boosters and fans…One of a kind!

    One time for the band! See you in DC!


    Oh…one more thing….juniors, sophomores, and freshmen…conditioning for the 2009 season starts tomorrow!

    4-A…We’re ready!

  2. Congratulations to Dudley on a great season. An even bigger one to Josh Jones. We knew him in Middle School. Great job in the classroom.

    Good Job to Coach Davis and staff keep working hard it pays off.


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