Dudley’s Coach Steven Davis on The Season, The GAME and next year!‏

I sat down with Dudley’s Head Football Coach, Steven Davis this afternoon to get his view and reflection on the season that was just concluded by winning The State 3-AA Championship. Here are the questions and Coach Davis’s responses. For communication purposes I will do some paraphrasing.
1.Steve, you’ve had a couple of days to reflect. How does it feel other, than really good?
It feels real good. It’s an exciting time over here a Dudley. I know our program doesn’t need validating, but this one on top of last year’s certainly does that.
2.The game looked easy from the press box. I know it wasn’t but why were your guys  so effective against a good football team?
It started with our work ethic every week. As you know we lift weights every week, even during the season so we can stay strong-just how hard the kids were willing to work.
3.Steve, I’ve seen you guys play several times. I don’t think, with all due respect to KBrown, that they were the best team you’ve played.
I agree, I would rank Richmond County 1st. Ragsdale 2nd. Page 3rd. and then probably Kannapolis Brown.
4. How about the blocking in the back call on the punt return, that everyone in the stadium saw was a perfectly legal block?
I don’t think the official saw it at all. He saw the kid go flying and out came the flag. I suggested to him politely that he might have missed the call.
5. Some fans, coaches and commentators say your team is the best team in the state-period-what do you think? You did beat Richmond County at their place earlier in the year and they did win The 4AA State Championship beating Fayetteville Britt yesterday 38-35.
I wouldn’t put that on my team. I’d rather let someone else do that and if they want to we can live with it. For that to be mentioned is a honor. We certainly do appreciate comments like that.
6. How many college players are on this year’s senior class?
I’d say we have at least 10-11 at the college level. One misconception is that we have ALL D-I’s. I’d say we have 1 or 2 D-I’s for sure. A lot of our lineman aren’t 6’5″ and 6’7″-not that they can’t play but D-I’s like really big size. We don’t really have that.
7. What’s next for the Sophomores and Juniors?
I’m going to meet with them today and let them know what we expect and what has to be done. Coach McMillan will have them lifting weights TODAY!
8.Where will YOU be next year?
As of right now, I plan on being here at Dudley.
Steve wants to think all of the Dudley fans for all of their support and well wishes. He and the kids are very grateful for all the attention and praise heaped upon them.
Now, with weightlifting starting today, Steve, let’s go for the THREE-PEAT!!!!