The Basketball Broadcast from Beef O’Brady’s

We’ll start LIVE web casting again on Wednesday from the Beef O’Brady’s Sports Restaurant on North Elm Street. I believe the shopping center that BEEF’s is located in is called The North Elm Village but we will check it all out and let you know for sure.

Beef’s is on the right side of the street if you are coming in from toward town and sits in the shopping center just below the BP station and it’s just up the street from where the old Fitness Today was located and if you are really into the history of buildings, it sits in the same storefront building where Davis Troxler used to have his Front Row Video store.

That is probably more than you need to know on the locale, but they say every little bit helps.

About the show, we will be talking basketball in detail from 7pm until, with the area of conversation being high school, college, and maybe some pro ball…..

We hope to have Coach Stan Kowalelewski with us on Wednesday plus one of his players, and Kevin McCoy from the Greensboro Sports Council is due to drop in to discuss the upcoming Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament with us, he is the co-chairman with along with Jim Gentry. We also plan to have Dick Stewart from UNCG in the house to talk about the Spartans basketball move to the Greensboro Coliseum.

Big Jim Modlin will be on hand to help with the College hoops roundup, plus Doug Cockman will check in if his holiday schedule allows. Don Moore will have a few things in store for all us too, at Beef O’Brady’s.

You can watch it LIVE beginning at 7pm or any time after the show is complete. Just click on the link that Don will have set for us at the top of the page……

The Basketball Broadcast from Beef O’Brady’s. BEEF’s, the best in the business for sports in a family non-smoking atmosphere. They must have at least 40 TV’s set up in the place showing all your favorite games.