Women in Song, On the morning Run

In the process of running somewhere in the neighborhood of five miles each morning, you have to find some topics to think about and occasionally the subject turns to Women in Song.

This morning the wheels started turning and I decided to write down a few of the titles and some of the placements of these Women in Song. There are so many, where do we begin? Where do we begin to tell the story of the Women in Song?????

What about we fire the gun and start with Runaround Sue….Keep away from a Runaround Sue. Hello Peggy Sue, goodbye heart….Never, never leave you blue, Susie QueSuzanne the plans they made put an end to you….And yes, on these morning runs over the past thirty years, I have seen fire and I’ve seen rain. I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end….

Back to Betty Lou’s coming out tonight…After about five minutes on the road somebody’s gonna be calling for Gloria. There was something in the air, calling Gloria…They called her Valerie…There’s a little girl I know that lives down by the woods, and I know we’d never leave her even if we could. They call her Val-allll-Val-alllllll-a-rie….They call her Valerie….

We were talking about Betty Lou earlier and what about Black Betty? Whoa Black Betty sham a ram a rammmm, Black Betty had a child, dang thing went WILD…..Has anybody seen “Little Shelia”….Whoa little Shelia made a nica deala, me and Shelia headed downtown, all the people come running around…Did you forget the “Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”? With Jean, Jean, you’re colors they are true, Jean, Jean….

If you are running/jogging, your mind often turns to walking and then enters the words from, “Don’t walk away Renee“, I’ll never see you ’round here no more…..Feeling a little tired, you might be getting lazy with Lazy Jane. You remember don’t you, ‘Hey Lazy Jane, you gotta stop your crying sometime, hey Lazy Jane, it’s up to you to make your own sweet sunshine….Jane you’re just a shadow of the girl you used to be, once you used to live for life but now you live for liberty…Sure your hearts been broken and you’ve got the right to cry, but if you’re gonna keep it up the Sunshine’s gonna pass you by……You have to love that one friends!!!!!

Bring back Joanne and her tune that told us, “Her name was Joanne and she lived in a meadow by a pond”. Sung as POOOONNNNNDDDDDD……You get the picture, this is better than watching Bowser and his sister pushing those late night numbers on TV16…..Please don’t forget Maggie Mae. You remember, wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you, It’s late December and we really should be getting back to school….

Jenifer, I want you to be my wife, we will stay together for all our life…Remember that one with Jenifer????? How about Jenny, Jenny, who do I turn to, you give me something I can hold on to…867-5309, 867-530999999. Say hello to Jenny for me. She’s up in the treetops all day long, hoppin’ and boppin’ and doing her song…Rockin’ Robin, doing mighty fine…..

Women in Song, on the morning Run and most of you who read these entries thought I was crazy. Now you know that I am….How can I remember all of these hits….That’s what I am looking for, more hits.

So what you gonna do. Ask Amy? Hey Amy, what you gonna do, I think I could stay with you for a while, maybe longer, if I doooooo. You got to be thinking about something out there on the road what about some opera????? With Maria, Maria, Maria, Mariaaaaaaaaah……

Let’s go international again with Michelle. You remember Meechelle my belle, I need you, I need you, I need you, I think you’ll understand,,,,,,, yes, the only words I know that you’ll understand…Meeeechelle my belle….Fairly simple with Bar,Bar, Bar; Bar, Barbara Anne…..Repeat 1000 times….

A few more that make the list include Ohhhhhhh Paula, Doooooona, oh, oh my Ma-Donna, as in Donna, April gave us springtime and the promise of a flower, oh what love we had with April and the joy that we called ours…..

I will close with a short one, but one of the best ones from the road as we run on with Women in Song, on the morning Run. It’s my own creation twisted to work as Dora, in Doraaaaa-ville.

We close with those, but if you have some tunes you’d like to add, send them along, to “On the morning Run”.

4 Comments on “Women in Song, On the morning Run

  1. Diana
    Julie Julie Julie
    Sweet Caroline
    Wake up little Susie
    and of course, Stacy’s Mom

  2. Mandy, Beth, Layla, Sweet Caroline…Those are all great ones and I thought of another one this morning in Ariel….

    I think it went something like, “Hey Ariel what’s your game now can anybody play?????”

  3. Here’s another tune that just came rolling through my mind….

    NJM and others probably remember this one as in:

    ANGIE….That hard driving ANGIE, ANGIE, Angie……..When will you ever change your mind or name or something in that neighborhood….

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