Mike Maloy and Davidson basketball still has people talking

Mike Maloy was a great one for the Davidson Wildcats back in the late 60’s/early 70’s and we posted several stories on Mike and his Wildcats and readers are still commenting about what a basketball player he was:

Does anyone remember the claim that Mike Maloy had the quickest first step in basketball?

He did, the man was awesome and Davidson got a very RAW DEAL by the referees in Raleigh at the Eastern Regional’s against Carolina. It was the fastest 5 second count ever not recorded to assure Carolina got the ball back along with a charge by Davidson.

Sorry if I still resent it, but I was there. I met Larry Miller many years later and he was introduced to me as one that still harbored resentment against UNC, he immediately said then he’s a Davidson fan, he knew about the crazy calls in those games as well as UNC stealing Charlie Scott away from Davidson as Scott had already verbally committed to Davidson.

Does any remember Bryan Adrian schooling John Roche at USC with I think 22 or 26 in the 2nd half putting Davidson #1 in the nation?

Nothing like some good basketball history to keep people talking…..