From the Beff Burger to Beef O’Brady’s

We’ve come a LONG WAY at GSPN over the past three years or so….From our interviews with Bruce Mitchell at Bruce Bullington’s uncle’s favorite place; The Beef Burger that is, to Beef O’Brady’s where we had our first Basketball Broadcast from BEEF’s last night.

Hopefully Don Moore, our webmaster, has this set up where you can go back and watch last night’s show from Beef O’Brady’s on North Elm Street. I believe the trick is click on The Basketball Show at the top of the page and you have it, the full two hours……I work from an undisclosed location and we can’t get it where I am stationed.

We had Kevin McCoy, Freddy Johnson, Stan Kowalewski, Jonathan Frye, William Whitaker, Jim Modlin, and Don Moore on hand for the show, plus Kevin’s buddy Chris, Mike Fulcher, Mr. Whitaker’s wife and a few others stopped by in person or in the chat room.

Good days at the Beef Burger, but I must say the Chicken Wings, Fries, and slaw in the basket for the Basketball Show were very tasty last night….

Thanks to Greg Thompson and his staff at Beef O’Bradys for last night’s show and let us know if you have any problems getting the replay…..And Happy Birthday to our webmaster, Don Moore……..