They won the title in the Greensboro Coliseum:’74 N.C. State team honored tonight in Raleigh

They won the won the NCAA basketball title on a Monday night on the floor at the Greensboro Coliseum. They had a reunion tonight in Raleigh where the modern-day N.C. State Wolfpack met the oppositon from 1974, Marquette…..

N.C. State honors ’74 title team
from The Associated Press

RALEIGH (AP) – North Carolina State’s first national championship team is back together again, 35 years later.

Hall of Famer David Thompson and the rest of N.C. State’s 1974 team were reunited Monday night before the present-day Wolfpack played Marquette in a rematch of that year’s title game.

Thompson called that N.C. State unit “the greatest team in the history of the ACC, and probably one of the greatest in the history of college basketball.”

That team was led by tournament MVP Thompson, center Tom Burleson and current N.C. State assistant Monte Towe.

The Wolfpack toppled UCLA before knocking off Al McGuire and Marquette 76-64 to claim the first of the school’s two national titles. That capped a two-season run in which the Wolfpack were 57-1.