Teague will not coach in our local league with Whirlies:Now what????

Robert Bell has it in today’s N&R and on-line at www.news-record.com. Jimmy Teague will not be coming to Grimsley to coach the Whirlies in football…The early word was that Teague would be all over that job, but retirement guidelines for the state of North Carolina will not allow him to seek the job.

Does that mean Teague will have to go across the border into Virginia or to South Carolina if he wants to coach again????(Four question marks here and in the title in honor of the Metro 4-A Conference.)

Where does this leave Grimsley???? Obviously without the top candidate for the job. The former Reidsville coach looked to be a good fit for Grimsley, but again what do we know, this continues to be all speculation…..

We are all the arm-chair Athletic Directors and our unofficial searches for the new coach will continue.

Here’s what Coach Teague said in the N&R story in today’s paper:

Teague, who announced his retirement last week, said Monday he would “be all over the job” at Grimsley were it not for the state’s strict retirement guidelines. North Carolina teachers who retire can return to teaching or coaching after a six-month break — but they can’t do both and still draw their pension — a practice called “double-dipping” in some states.

Teague said Monday he still wants to teach and coach next year. He said he’s talking with several schools in Southern Virginia.

“Grimsley’s a great job, but it’s just not the right circumstances for me,” said Teague. “They should have no problem finding a strong coach.”

Grimsley Athletic Director Lewis Newman told the N&R:

Newman said he’s heard from coaches “locally, an hour away and across the state. It’s a good mix,” he said.

He declined to identify any of them.

Newman said it was difficult to gauge how coaches perceive the Grimsley job, but he said the school “is rededicating itself to making Grimsley one of the best coaching positions in the city.”

“I know we’re no more happy with the quick turnaround we’ve had with coaches than our parents and fans are,” he said

Newman said he doesn’t have a timetable for hiring a new coach. He said he doesn’t want to rush into a making a hire, but said there is some urgency given that students will resume weight training after the break. He said he will oversee the program until a coach is found.

*****I would assume that the former Grimsley staff would not return, so that means a complete tune-up for the football proram.*****

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  1. Capps already inquired but he doesn’t want it. Maybe we need to go after Tommy Knotts since he is fed up with Indy.

  2. Maybe Tom will be playing that tune in the background, Knock(or Knotts) three times on the ceiling if you want me in Greensboro…….Twice on the pipe, means he ‘aint gonna show……

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