Like Keller said in the N&R, Manley/Grimsley stay hot in win over WA

Tom Keller has the write-up on Grimsley’s (11-1 or 10-1) hot start and last night the Whirlies did it again winning 60-53 over the Western Alamance Warriors.

Keith Manley had a huge night for Grimsley with 32 points while Kreshawn Williams had 8 and Carter Gourley had 7.

Manley, Williams, and Gourley were the main players that TK talked about in his article and I’m sure that the Whirlies can’t wait till next week when they get to mix it up with the Page Pirates in round one, Thursday, in the Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center.

Grimsley is seeded #5 and Page #4 and it should turn out to be a round-one classic. I think Page has lost three games and Grimsley only has the one loss, but the Whirlies lost several key players off of last year’s squad coming into this season.

I think from what I’ve read and seen, Williams has made the biggest difference in this team with his automatic scoring that has sent the Whirlies into orbit just like the outside shots from Gourley. Williams stepping in, and Gourley stepping up are two main reasons why the Whirlies are where they’re at today with only one loss on their record.

Aaron Wise was working in key situations at point guard last season and he knows what to do and Logan Dunn has given Grimsley an extra big force on the inside to help compliment the board work of Manley.(Lee Sweeney is also in there playing a lot for Grimsley, but I don’t know enough about him yet to give the full opinion.)

Grimsley lost starters David Dupont, Christian Tonkins, JB Beloved, and Jonathan Leonard from last year’s team and this proves that Darren Corbett is one heck of a coach and he has grabbed this team’s attention just like his dad, Don Corbett, used to do when he lead the N.C. A&T Aggies to the MEAC Championships back when he was coaching down on East Market…..

Next Thursday, Grimsley versus Page at the Greensboro Coliseum……

24 thoughts on “Like Keller said in the N&R, Manley/Grimsley stay hot in win over WA

  1. OK Joe.
    It is obvious you are blinded by the passion for your team (which is ok).

    Since you continue to post and down play success of the Whirlies on varies threads, Thought I would give you a snap back to reality.

    Against common opponents:
    Page 66 Ragsdale 69 (3 point loss) Grimsley 50 Ragsdale 54 (4 point loss)
    Page 69 Andrews 61 (8 point win) Grimsley 65 Andrews 58 (7 point win)
    North Davidson
    Page 68 N Davidson 44 (24 point win) Grimsley 59 N Davidson 39 (20 point win)

    I believe both Page and Grimsley have both good and comparable teams. Should be a good game and conference season.

    We should wish both teams success beyond the regular season. I hope the games make both teams better.

  2. Yeah, I never said that the Whirlies have a bad team, or that they arn’t as good as the Pirates. I’m just saying looking at the SoS, if Grimsley played teams like Mt. Tabor and RJ Reynolds, would they only have one loss?

  3. Also, Page was up by as much as 24 at one point against Ragsdale.

    Jordan Weethee, Page’s leading scorer was out with a slight tear in his shooting shoulder ligament against our 2 losses by Mt. Tabor and RJ Reynolds.

    He has been back and since then has dropped 18 and 8, and Page beat a very athletic and talented Halifax Co., Va. team.

    Looking at common opponents the teams look even. But, playing teams like Atkins, Bishop McGuinness, SE Guilford, HPCA.. pad your winning % a bit.

  4. I can tell by tour comments, your biased so not worth a lot of time jousting back and forth with you (although it sounds like you would like that quite a bit). I will leave you with this, I guess playing Page next week adds to your “SoS” since Grimsley is 9-1 or do you discount that also and shouldn’t be considered further down the road. Can’t have it both ways.

    Enough armchair basketball, they play next week. If Page wins, I will wish them the best. if Grimsley wins, hope you don’t go hide somewhere or make excuses about who played and how much you were up or down, or how many free throws were missed, or how bad the refs were or…, or…, or…

  5. Well, being a Page graduate and fan, I would hope I’m just a little bit biased.
    To me it’s a friendly rivalry, now. Even though when I was a student it was very heated, as it always is for the students at each school. If you didn’t attend either one of the 2 schools, then I would understand because you don’t know how it was/is.

    But, as an Alumnus, fan, and supporter.. I like to run numbers and look at SoS to create some healthy conversation on here with anyone that wants to talk about it.

    Then there are people like you, that take it too seriously and try to belittle me, for no reason. If you didn’t know, I am a writer for this website. I am about as biased as anyone else is on here.

  6. wise, williams, dunn, gourley, and manley is better as a whole than oats, spain, brooks, weethee, and whoever the other one is

  7. Since you believe I try to belittle you, let me clarify a few things for you. I have seen your post before but did not associate you to a writer for the sight. How ironic it is that you take what was a positive story and you were the very first poster to dash cold water on it to prop up your school. The article was never about your school but what the school in the article was doing positive.

    I know all about the rivalry.

    I would think someone affiliated with the site would take a more positive approach. Not trying to bash you. Just giving a little back. I can go either way. Since you are with the site, you know how to get my email if you want to take this offline. I don’t have a problem with that.

    But in the mean time…

    Let me give you my perspective on a season (and possibly something better than my school is better than your school cause I said so).

    5 Parts
    1. Preseason summer – coach getting acquainted with who’s actually coming and what pieces they’re working with.
    2. Pre – Conference – play who will play you. Learn how your team plays in various situations and work on your weakness.
    3. Conference play – play who you gotta play. This is where it counts on jockeying for the playoffs
    4. Playoffs – Name of the game is get to the next game
    5. Championship – Most teams never get there but this is the prize. This is what counts. This is when everyone else has to either watch or go play travel basketball. Where you are in December not as important as where you are March 14. If there are any Guilford county teams playing that day, I will be pleased.

    I look at it like this, just like travel basketball, no need in going all over the country to play someone else and you can’t beat everybody (or almost everybody) in your own back yard first.

  8. “wise, williams, dunn, gourley, and manley is better as a whole than oats, spain, brooks, weethee, and whoever the othe”

    On paper this is a horrible matchup for Grimsley. Weethee and Brooks are a lot better this year, but their guards wreak havoc and teams that don’t have great ball handlers. They are the secret weapon behind the Pirates. Stacy Greene is relentless. If you haven’t seen him play yet you will love him. He came off JV and has started every game I believe over returning varsity players. I am curious to see how Page comes out and performs at the Little 4.

  9. You say that the article isn’t about Page.. but it talks about the Page/Grimsley match up at least 3 times.

  10. Joe,
    You back???

    So I guess you wanted some more. Since it is Christmas and not much going on this morning, I’ll go ahead and give you a present.

    You mentioned the “great teams that Page played preseason” such as Tabor and Reynolds. Not to knock them as they are good, but do you mean the same Reynolds that let 1 player to use your terms “drop” 50 on them and only 2 other players scored. I also believe that team they lost to is 3-5. Is this the same world beaters that you mention?

    Let’s see about Tabor, played, Wayne Country Day (something like 2 wins), Trinity 2X (maybe 2 or 3 wins), and Southern Lee (maybe 3 or 4 wins). Real powerhouse schedule.

    Now to your beloved Pirates, Northeast 2X, N. Davidson and Carrboro.

    Bottom line is as I said, all schools play who they can schedule non conference. Everybody can’t play Tabor, Reagan, W Forsythe, etc every year.

    Grimsley won the games they were suppose to without all the hype and fanfair. They just bought there game not their name.

    Merry Christmas

  11. Joe,

    I figured you still had some room under the tree so here’s one more.

    That “very athletic” (still trying to figure out what that means) Halifax team you mention. Hasn’t beaten anyone with a winning record. All wins against cupcakes.

  12. Okay, first of all.. you get all defensive and start with the common opponents and yes, I agree.. both teams look even, from that prospective.
    Then you start telling me how biased I am, well.. you’re biased too, everyone that comments on this site is biased.
    Northeast Guilford usually always has a good basketball team, but this year they are rebuilding after losing some of there guys to Northern.
    Not to mention, Page is also playing without 2 of their leading scorers from last year, Deonte Maddox and Christian McCain were both sophomores.

    You don’t know what very athletic means? You ever watch sports before?
    Guys that are athletically gifted and talented…. not clumsy, goofy, slow, not in shape… see the difference?

  13. Can’t wait for New Year’s Day! It is a bout time that the Pirates and Whirlie rekindle that hate for each other. It is about time it spilled back into the basketball rivalry. Page is a very dangerous team, and just about any coach would tell you that. Sometimes they tend to let emotions control them a little bit too much and don’t play well but when they are on they are incredible. The first half of the Ragsdale game they were a state championship type team, the second half they were a non-playoff team. Jeckyl and Hyde. Grimsley better hope the non-playoff squad shows up. Page has struggled since their first loss. They haven’t played well in a awhile but still go into the Little 4 at 7-3 with 2 losses without their best player and against good teams. Take Manley out of Grimsley and see if they don’t struggle a bit.

    Sorry, but if you saw the Reynolds/Trinity game you could see how Reynolds lost. They dominated the game but the Legend of Josh Pittman took over that game put on an amazing performance. They also played really well at home and beat Page, it happens. The truth remains, Page is undoubtedly more tested than Grimsley. Who will win remains to be seen, but you cannot compare schedules. I stand by my belief that if Page comes to play, and sometimes they don’t, they win easily. If they are not ready it will be a close one.

  14. Joe,

    Why all the pent up anger?

    Rekindle the hate?

    The only one hating is you. Go back and read all my post, I got nothing but love for Page and their players. The only one with the hate is the self proclaimed fanatic.

    I guess that’s what some fans do.

    Me, I just love the game and love to see it played well and love to see kids grow and develop and turn into fine young men (and women).

    Difference between me and you:

    You tend to live on Fantasy Island (Boss, De Plane.. for those of you old enough to remember). Everything with you is what could have been, who we used to have, if you didn’t have, if so and so wasn’t hurt, if so and so hadn’t moved, if so and so hadn’t transferred, if only the other team didn’t score more points than me, if you played who I played, if …, if… if…

    I’ll give you one if:
    If a frog had a glass a__, every time he’d hop, it would break!

    Now me, I deal what actual facts. Just my nature. You play whoever laces them up and gets on the court. You play with the players that can play. Getting hurt and playing with the players you got is part of the game. I am not in favor of fans, coaches, parents or players allowing kids to accept excuses or circumstances why they can’t be good because of the hand dealt. Life ain’t always easy or fair. Deal with it and move on. No excuse congratulate the winner and move on. Why you making excuses before they even play the game. Man up!

    Enough with all this nice talk. I’m sure Grimsley don’t care whether Jekyll, Hyde or both show up. As long as the uniform says Page, they gone try and woop that A__!

    Was that what you were looking for? Alright you finally got it out of me.

    Joe, I hope you don’t take this personal and I’m sure you are a good sport. I just don’t think you are ready for me.

    I was at the Reynolds game and 2 I don’t think you understand my comment on the athletic thing. Personally, I think you are too young to catch my drift with the comment so I’ll let it go.

  15. ho ho ho ain’t Joe, it’s me yo! I think it is good that some Page/Grimsley folks are on here talking it up. It is good for the rivalry. It isn’t like it once was and it would be good for high school sports in this area if it was. I can’t wait for the Little 4 as I think there is more buzz around it this year than in a long time. As for Page/Grimsley, they will meet at least 3 times this year so it won’t be hard to determine who is better. Page fans will think Page is better, Grimsley fans will think Grimsley is better. There is no changing there.

    However, one more jab from me: I don’t see how you can pick at Page’s schedule and their wins when it appears that the Whirlies struggled putting away Western Alamance and barely got by Western Guilford. Anyone that saw Halifax Co would think they were better than those teams.

  16. My bad ho ho ho if I got you mixed up with someone else.

    By no means am I dissing Pages schedule, I think they played a good non conference schedule. My point was everyone had their share of games against teams that are struggling this year.

    As far as the 2 Westerns you mentioned, Guilford is a well coached team that is just a little undersized in the middle. I think they will do well this year. As far as Alamance they are not as the kids call them these days “slaps??”

    Anyway, one thing about coach, you can’t knock him as he is doing a good job trying to bring a long the whole team. This may payoff in the end when they may be counted on later in the season. This may cause some games to appear closer than they need to be. I would not interpret that as struggling. Box scores don’t always tell the whole story.

  17. Just a few years ago, Page couldn’t beat Grimsley in anything. Now, Page is beating Grimsley in most sports now. I guess that was Newman’s plan when he took over Grimsley. NICE WORK!!

  18. What do you mean, just a few years ago Page couldnt beat Grimsley in anything? Even when Page’s football team hit rock bottom and lost to Grimsley 41-14 back in 2006. Page’s basketball team beat Grimsley that year 3 times. 87-72 @Page regular season, 85-68 Little 4, and 62-48 @ Grimsley regular season.

  19. I know this is about basketball and all, but maybe just maybe, Newman should give Marion Kirby a call????………Don’t be an overpaid idiot like Terry Grier………….EARN YOUR SALARY NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Page dominated Grimsley from the tip to the final whistle. 71-54. Page had 10+ blocks, and shut down Manley and Gourley for most of the game. Julius Brooks had 2 alley oop dunks and another slam down low, added in by an alley oop dunk by Jordan Weethee and a dunk by Chris Knight. Grimsley couldn’t keep up with Page’s tempo.

  21. Well I just got a good laugh out of all these comments. You kept it somewhat civil I suppose. Nothing like a heated page/grimsley argument. It has been said many times that Joe is one of the most professional and unbiased writers out there whether it is on this site or on other message boards throughout the state. Of course he is going to be a bit biased when it comes to his team. Just like having a kid, your always going to think your child is the best. I invite you all to read other articles written by Joe. He is a very humble and great writer that knows a lot about many teams around the state.

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