Page-Grimsley or Grimsley-Page looks to be the BEST matchup for Day One at the Pizza Hut Invitational

The Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament will get rolling next Thursday January 1 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center and by what we have seen in the discussion here at the site this week and by looking at all the round-one games, Page-Grimsley or Grimsley-Page for the boys seems to be the pick for the top game on Day One.

Grimsley has at least 10 wins and only one loss and Page has lost three games and the Pirates have at least 6-7 wins on the season…..

The game with the Whirlies and the Pirates gets under way at 4pm next Thursday from the Coliseum and this could prove to be one of the better first-round games in the history of the tourney….

Grimsley has senior Keith Manley, Page has their senior center in Julius Brooks…This could turn out to be one heck of a battle in the middle with fouls being very precious…Grimsley comes back with Williams, Gourley, Wise(Aaron), and Dunn with Sweeney and others waiting in the wings or on the wings. Page brings Weethe, Spain, Oates, Finney, Greene, Daly and others, so this should be a real good battle.

This makes for a very competitive first-round game, but how are you going to seed Page or Grimsley above Greensboro Day(Defending Champ two losses coming in), Ragsdale(11-0 on the way in), or Northern Guilford(One loss with 2-3 Division I players in the starting lineup.)

This should make for some great comp and who knows what might happen out at the Coliseum next week?

You never know, Ragsdale vs. Northwest in the boys bracket might turn into something after their first meeting went into overtime at Ragsdale in the regular season game.

Here are the men’s 2008 seeds:
#1 Greensboro Day School
#2 Ragsdale
#3 Northern Guilford
#4 Page
#5 Grimsley
#6 Northeast Guilford
#7 Northwest Guilford
#8 Smith

Men’s schedule for Day One on Janurary 1:
#1 Greensboro Day School vs. #8 Smith at 2:30pm
#4 Page vs. #5 Grimsley at 4pm
#3 Northern Guilford vs. #6 Northeast Guilford at 6pm
#2 Ragsdale vs. #7 Northwest Guilford at 7:30pm

Semifinals at 6:15(1-8 winner v 4-5 winner) and 8pm(3-6 winner v 2-7 winner) on Friday Jan. 2 and Finals at 8pm on Saturday Jan.3

Women’s 2008 Seeds:
#1 Northwest Guilford
#2 Page
#3 Ragsdale
#4 Grimsley
#5 Northeast Guilford
#6 Northern Guilford
#7 Smith
#8 Greensboro Day School

Women’s schedule for Day One on January 1:
#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #8 Greensboro Day School at 6:30pm
#4 Grimsley vs. #5 Northeast Guilford at 1:30pm
#2 Page vs. #7 Smith at 3pm
#3 Ragsdale vs. #6 Northern Guilford at 5pm

Semifinals at 2:30pm(3-6 winner v 2-7 winner) and 4:15(1-8 winner v 4-5 winner) on Friday Jan.2 and Finals at 6pm on Saturday Jan.3