Heels fall to WVU with late interception, Woody sounded a bit off today

Hakeem Nicks was red-hot early for North Carolina, but in the end Pat White and West Virginia edged the Heels 31-30 in Charlotte. White went to the air in second half and the Mountaineers picked off a late TJ Yates pass to preserve the win.

Woody Durham our radio voice for the game was calling Pat White, Pat Little in the first quarter and then Bobby Rome became Hakeem Nicks and the game was being played at Charlotte Panthers stadium and it was first and ten from the WVU 49 and that quickly became the West Virginia 40 in reality, plus Nicks was also Cooter Arnold on one occasion.

Woody was really busy with all that offense, but I do believe we as listeners missed a few things during the course of the game, but that’s what happens when you get caught up hanging on the announcer’s every word.

North Carolia finishes at (8-5) and West Virginia closes it out at (9-4).

The game totals from espn.com:
QB White’s 332 yards fuel WVU win over North Carolina
Associated Press
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Pat White had one more dazzling comeback in him before finishing his record-breaking college career.

White threw for 332 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown pass to Alric Arnett midway through the fourth quarter that helped West Virginia to a 31-30 win over North Carolina on Saturday in the Meineke Bowl.

The senior quarterback was voted MVP of a bowl for the third straight year and finished 4-0 in postseason games, helping West Virginia (9-4) overcome Hakeem Nicks’ big day for North Carolina to end a disappointing season on a positive note.

Nicks caught eight passes for 217 yards and three touchdowns for the Tar Heels (8-5), but T.J. Yates was intercepted by Pat Lazear with under 2 minutes left to preserve West Virginia’s win.

Air/Ground Leaders

West Virginia Passing
White 26/32 332 3 1
North Carolina Passing
Yates 15/25 209 2 1
Arnold 1/1 66 1 0

West Virginia Rushing
Devine 13 61 1 18
White 21 55 0 16
North Carolina Rushing
Draughn 17 65 0 12
Little 3 34 0 23

West Virginia Receiving
Arnett 7 93 2 44
Sanders 4 70 0 40
North Carolina Receiving
Nicks 8 217 3 73
Little 2 36 0 19

West Virginia Fumbles
Team 0 0 1
North Carolina Fumbles
Team 0 0 1

Scoring Summary
TD 08:56 Noel Devine 18 Yd Run (Pat Mcafee Kick) 7 0
TD 07:22 Hakeem Nicks 73 Yd Pass From T.J. Yates (Casey Barth Kick) 7 7
TD 05:11 Alric Arnett 44 Yd Pass From Pat White (Pat Mcafee Kick) 14 7
TD 04:57 Hakeem Nicks 66 Yd Pass From Cooter Arnold (Casey Barth Kick) 14 14
TD 02:35 Bradley Starks 35 Yd Pass From Pat White (Pat Mcafee Kick) 21 14
SF 13:23 Noel Devine Tackled By Bradley Starks In End Zone 21 16
TD 10:37 Hakeem Nicks 25 Yd Pass From T.J. Yates (Casey Barth Kick) 21 23
FG 09:00 Pat McAfee 25 Yd 24 23
TD 04:29 T.J. Yates 4 Yd Run (Casey Barth Kick) 24 30
TD 07:14 Alric Arnett 20 Yd Pass From Pat White (Pat Mcafee Kick) 31 30

10 thoughts on “Heels fall to WVU with late interception, Woody sounded a bit off today

  1. Great game , here is some weird observations from the game.

    After every first down the WVU fans stick their hands in the air, shake their hands back and forth, wait on the announcer to say “first down”, then they force their hands down three times then say he haw he haw he haw, then they clap hand together then say first down.

    Whatever flips their boat but it was weird to see.

    Sports ettiquette 101 needs to go to the WVU fan in front of us . When you are in a section filled with the opposing teams fans and they all are sitting enjoying the game , don’t be a ass and stand all the time it got pretty ridiculous. This goes for the concert fan also who wants to stand and everyone is sitting. Don’t be a buzz kill.If everyone else is standing go for it but being the only one standing is ridiculous.

    Hakeem Nicks sealed his fate and will be seeing him on Sundays.

    That is odd to see Woody with that many mistakes it might be the transitioning from f-ball to b-balll and being on a 3 week hiatus on games could have done it to him.

    Blown call of the day goes to the fumble on UNC, the forward progress of the runner has already been established and he was going backwards the play should have been blown dead and no fumble. Don’t know what the replay guy was thinking but that was a huge mistake on their part.

    Oh well it is only a game and people should remember that motto from little league games to the pros it is only a game, life goes on.

  2. The Wolfpack have the best football program in the state of NC and we will all see that on Monday.

  3. If I recall correctly the Pack beat ALL of the teams from NC this year including dominating the Heels, the Pack finished strong which is the sign of great team with great coaching unlike the Heels who limped to the end of the season.

  4. sportsfan just giving you a hard time, believe me I heard it from my wolfpacker friends after the football game this year.

  5. Woody is always off.

    Russell Wilson and N.C. State are on and they will win their bowl game with Rutgers today and that’s something Carolina could not do. Wilson and his Wolfpack beat East Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, and North Carolina.

    This is the team we should be focusing on and not UNC. Wolfpack #1 and that is all that matters here today.

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