Don’t leave your TV sets, radios, or computers:Third quarter all RUTGERS

Rutgers cuts the lead to 17-16 with third quarter uprising:

THIRD QUARTER NC State vs. Rutgers U
RUTGERS:FG 10:14 San San Te 31 yard field goal GOOD.
Drive info: 11 plays, 58 yds in 4:46 17 9(N.C. State)

RUTGERS:TD 6:50 Mike Teel pass complete to Tiquan Underwood for 10 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. San San Te extra point GOOD.
Drive info: 3 plays, 16 yds in 1:54 17 16(N.C. State)

*****N.C. State still leads Rutgers, now 17-16, in the third quarter. Hold on Wolfpack!!!!!*****