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Page over Grimsley: Little Four Invitational – Round 1

Page wins this round one match up 71-54 in convincing fashion. Julius Brooks had a monstrous alley oop dunk for Page’s first bucket of the game and set the tone for the game early. Grimsley would stay in the game early with a 3 point basket by Connor Gourly making it 13-12 at the end of the 1st, Page leading. The Pirates would then pull away in the 2nd quarter with an 11 point run, that consisted of 3 consecutive 3 pointers, one from Mitch Oates, AJ Finney, and Stacey Greene. Grimsley couldn’t cut the lead after the run. Page out rebounded Grimsley with Brooks, Knight, and Weethee leading the way on the boards. Weethee and Brooks had alley oop dunks in the 2nd half, and Chris Knight added a slam as well. Keith Manley was defended tight by the Pirates making him a non-factor in the first 3 quarters, Keith made most of his buckets late in the 2nd half. The Pirates also had 12 blocks on the night. More stats and info later.

9 Comments on “Page over Grimsley: Little Four Invitational – Round 1

  1. Well now, I didn’t see Newman out there running up and down the court and shooting the basketball. Cut the man a break. Grimsley got out played, simple as that. Instead of being sour and pointing blame on someone that really has no control on the outcome of the game, give credit to Page for playing a better game.

  2. Maybe if we could get some of the kids back that Page “stole” from us we would have a chance………..oh well……..

    Yeah, it’s another win for Newman.

  3. “Grimsley will beat Page by 15 and it won’t be pretty. The Whirlies are set to shock the seeds and finish number one with Manley MVP.”

    I just want a little bit of whatever this guy was smoking….

    Page doesn’t have any Grimsley players so I don’t know where in the world you get that from. It is pretty well known Kent is not the recruiting type.

  4. As promised, I said I would give props if Page won. They had a great game plan. Everyone contributed. That was team ball. Represent for the Metro!

  5. Good to see some class “real.” I thought Grimsley had a good team, but Page was simply too athletic for them. When the Pirates guards start flying around like they did after the 1st qtr last night they are very good. Good luck the rest of the week to the whirlies.

  6. I was going to say, I was pretty positive that no one on the Page team went to Grimsley. Just another excuse from some Grimsley faithful.

    Oh yeah, Keepin it real, thanks for the kind words. The Pirates will definitely try to represent and win tonight. I do want to thank the Whirlies for giving Page the toughest first round game, hopefully that will help out down the stretch.

  7. I am a whirlie fan and there are no excuses we just got outplayed. Page looked awesome and really punched our kids in the mouth, and good luck to the pirates the rest of the way. grimsley really lookde flustered and manleys second foul was huge. Page went on a huge run after that and the game was essentially over. I thought that grimsley needed a big game from williams and carter gourley to win this one and they struggled a little bit, but creshawn and carter will be fine and will learn from this game. again great job page and represnt the metro!

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