Four WWE wrestlers are gone

It’s that time of year where they start to cut loose workers that seem to be disposable to the parent company. The same can be said for World Wrestling Entertainment where they just signed world-wide talent Low-Ki, but the WWE has chosen to part ways with four employees that have been on the payroll for quite a while now.

It’s not “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Mr. Kennedy, Ron Killings or Jeff Hardy but here are the four and one of these gents has been around for a long time and one was with the company, left and then came back.

Long timer:Val Venis(Sean Morely)
Left and came back:D-Lo Brown
Don’t know a thing about him:Bam Neely
Big waste of time and money, in fact among all-time Top Ten in that category:Kevin Thorne

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WWE released Val Venis, D-Lo Brown, and Bam Neely on Friday. As usual, the company wished the trio the best in their future endeavors. To read the company statement, visit