Playing basketball with Barack Obama

Our new President Barack Obama was in our area not once but twice last summer on the road to the White House and watching him take office today, I couldn’t help but think back to those stops in our state and how the man has a love for basketball and how he had to quench his thirst for the hoops while in Chapel Hill and in our nice little town of Greensboro in the summer of 2008 on the way to Capitol Hill.

Obama played his Chapel Hill ball at the University of North Carolina with Tyler Hansbrough and company, but when he got to Greensboro it stills remains a mystery who suited up and went at it in the Grimsley High School gym with our new Commander-in-Chief.

Who was at the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium the night Obama stopped in for his Midnight Madness? We feel certain that a special person on the Grimsley staff, possibly AD Lewis Newman, had to be there to let BO do his TO or OT in the Big GBO.

Who let the ‘DOG out or should we say who let the ‘DOG in, as in what’s up ‘DOG????? Our new President is in with all the modern terms and he can communicate with all of the current generation. Obama was in the House that Bob built, but how’d he get in there?????

I was not called in to suit up and go against BO(sort of/kind of like TO), but if I had been on the court with our man who is now the “King of the Court”, I would have laid him out like he was Dick Cheney, John Cheney, Don Cheney or Lon Cheney. Obama would have never been able to take office if I would have gotten a hold of him on that basketball court at Grimsley and maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t call me in for that game……Hillary Clinton would have been taking the Oath of Office in the cool January wind in DC today.

Some things are better left undone and this game between me and BO is probably one of them although, I did get word that BO ran into Don Tilley down at the Farmer’s Market on Yanceyville Street while he was here to avoid playing me in basketball at the Bob Sawyer Gym.

Maybe he will come back through here in 2012 and we can settle this thing once and for all. BO knows I can take him and he won’t take a chance and bring AD up to DC to put an end to this heated rivalry before someone gets their feelings hurt and it probably would be BO.

If anyone had the real deal on what happened that night at Grimsley, then let me know, BO is not letting go of the truth when it comes to his basketball.

If anyone can help set up a friendly basketball meeting with BO and AD let me KNOW, until then, BO is running scared.