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HS hoops for this evening

All of last night’s games were postponed after the snowy weather and for this evening we only see two games that were on the original master schedule and they are:

Magna Vista, Virginia boys at High Point Central
Thomasville at High Point Andrews
*****If you hear of or know of any other games that are going on tonight, please let us know at durhamandy@live.com or call our phone number at the top of the home page and leave us a message. We love to get those messages.(You can find that phone number under Contact info and it is 646-495-9204:Extension-98617)*****

2 Comments on “HS hoops for this evening

  1. HPC’s games with magna vista have been canceled. GC schools are in exams this week there shouldn’t be any games until Friday.

  2. So no HP Central this week until Friday night, because of exams. Maybe High Point Andrews is on the block schedule.

    Back when I was in school we had the block system/schedule, where you run around the block 4 times and then go home with a passing grade.

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