No game this year

Word came down late yesterday afternoon that there will not be a game this season between Dudley and the Greensboro Day School.

Hopefully we can get something going with the two teams in the regular season next year so we could guarantee that they would meet during the season.

This would be a great game for the fans and it would rival any game with Oak Hill, Word of God, or any other outside team coming in here to play GDS or Dudley. That Word of God-Dudley game earlier this season was one of the best atmospheres I have ever been around in my entire life. You could feel it and the same could be said for Oak Hill at Northern Guilford.

Dudley at Greensboro Day or Greenboro Day at Dudley could be even bigger. Dudley versus Greensboro Day at the Greensboro Coliseum would be just as big, but there is something to be said for that on-campus atmosphere/environment.

We wanted it this year and we pushed it because we like to be a part of pulling off the Big Events. It didn’t happen this time, but we will keep on trying.


  1. I think Dudley versus Ragsdale could be just as good. It’s early, but we might wanna keep an eye out for a potential game with these two for the state title. Imagine 2 teams from the same county playing for the states. That would be even better than the football game between these two that was played back in November.

  2. Seriously? By saying that, you are saying that Dudley has no chance at beating GDS. Remember the whipping GDS put on Ragsdale at the PHI? I am sure Ragsdale does. Dudley def has superior depth. I would expect them to win by double digits against Ragsdale.

  3. Ragsdale didn’t play a complete game. First half Ragsdale was only down by 4 pts. I don’t know what happened to them in the 2nd half as they looked like a completely different team. Would love to see a rematch of GDS and Ragsdale now. Dudley may have depth but they are also very young; PJ Hairston a soph. and the Dillard kid is a freshman. They also lack a big man presence down low. That’s how Northern Guilford was able to out-rebound Dudley when they played a few weeks ago. In my opinion, that is the missing piece that Dudley doesn’t have.

  4. Sorry, Dudley wouldn’t have a chance against GDS this year. Heck, they haven’t beaten them in 3 or 4 years actually. GDS is more talented and better coached. Dudley does have a great player in Hairston though.

  5. Why don’t you think the Gds ragsdale game would be different now. It was only 3 weeks ago since they played. Is Ragsdale better now since it is so much deeper into the season???

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