Be sure to check out interview with Jack Jensen, should end up in the Guilford College library

Be sure to check out last night’s interview from Beef ‘O’ Brady’s by clicking on The Basketball Show at the top of the page.

This interview should eventually end up in the archives of the Hege Library on the Guilford College campus. Guilford added an interview they did with my grandfather when he was in his mid-90’s and this one-on-one with former Quaker basketball coach Jack Jensen should be right there with the one did on Mr. Joseph Durham, who attended the Guilford College boarding school by way of horseback/muleback, way back in the 1880’s.

Jack Jensen is a ture treasure and I would rank him right up there with guys like Dean Smith and Bobby Knight. Coach Jensen has been at Guilford for 44 years and he was the coach of the 1973 NAIA National Championship basketball team that won it all out in Kansas City.

I thought I knew a lot about Quaker hoops, but I am just a bump in the road beside this man. He brought back two names that I had known, but had unfortunately forgotten, in Bo Whitaker and Bob Bregard.

He has some great stories on this interview, with the real good one about the time Guilford played Winston-Salem State and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Coach Clarence “Big House” Gaines was down in the locker room eating a tongue sandwich and counting the money after the game.

Coach Jensen told about the time David Smith, Bert Feik, and Jerry Crocker were forced to run suicides after a practice at Grimsley HS(the gym at Guilford was too cold to practice in during the holidays), and when the running was over Daivd Smith went to the Grimsley locker room, took off his clothes, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit up a smoke…….

Coach Jensen also told an interesting Herb Appenzeller story about the time when the Green Bay Packers used to practice on the Guilford College football field during the summers. You have to listen…..

The man, Jack Jensen, is a true sports treasure and they will be naming the court for him on Saturday at Guilford and this interview should end up some day among the archives at the Hege Library on the Guilford College campus.

*****As a kid, I never attended a Guilford College game, but I listened to every game on the radio and read every story from the newspaper that I could get my hands on. My family didn’t go to basketball games, we played a game called work.*****