We’ll have to wait on the College scouts: Big Dudley-Northern game now set for Wednesday

As many as nine college basketball scouts were flying in here for this game tonight and at least 12-15 more scouts were driving to Greensboro for the Dudley-Northern Guilford game on Tuesday night.

Now that the game has been pushed back to Wednesday night, many of those hoops scouts won’t be able to make it, but let’s just hope they can get the game in, because if they can’t play tomorrow night, then it’s move the game to Thursday and if you can’t play it then, it gets pushed back all the way to Saturday.

We’ll miss all those coaches from Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Harvard, Villanova, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and the others, but right now, let’s just hope the teams can get back on schedule.

Boys game at 7:30 on Wednesday and the girls game at 6pm.

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