Army/Clint Moore Lead the Pack in Patriot League

Clint Moore from Grimsley High School and Army has done it again. Who is the top overall player in the Patriot League as Spring 2009 approaches? Clint Moore, the nominee for the pre-season All-American team and last year’s Rookie-of-the-Year in the Patriot League.

Check out the poll from asked college coaches around the country to preview the 2009 college baseball season by sharing their insights on the teams and players to watch in their conferences. CBI compiled their answers to provide a sneak peek for the season ahead.

Today, we take a look at the Patriot League (six out of seven coaches participated).

The team to beat is: Army*

The top three starting pitchers are: Matt Fouch, Army; Greg Angelo, Lehigh; Brian Shapiro, Holy Cross

The top closer is: J.D. Melton, Navy

The one pitcher you donâ€t want to face is: Matt Fouch, Army

The most underrated pitcher is: Ben Koenigsfeld, Army

The best defensive catcher is: Steven Soares, Navy

The best catcher arm is: Steven Soares, Navy

The best defensive infielder is: Clint Moore, Army

The best defensive outfielder is: No outfielder received more than one vote

The three best pure hitters are: Clint Moore, Army*; Michael Speciale, Navy; Kevin McKague, Army

The three biggest power threats are: Michael Speciale, Navy; Clint Moore, Army; Brendan McGaheran, Lehigh

The hitter you least want to face is: Michael Speciale, Navy

The most underrated hitter is: No hitter received more than one vote

The best base-runner is: Clint Moore, Army

Your favorite road stadium to visit is: Fitton Field, Holy Cross

The best game coach is: Gene Depew, Bucknell

The assistant coach most ready for a head-coaching job is: No assistant coach received more than one vote

*****Clint Moore, Best Defensive Infielder, Top Pure Hitter, and Best Base-runner…..That says it all.*****


  1. Nothing ever surprises me with Clint – you cannot meet a better person and a great player. I have always told my son to do things like Clint and to handle himself like Clint – hopefully he will get to the bigs one day and the kids would have a real role model!!!!

  2. Tony- You took the words right out of my mouth. NOTHING CLINT MOORE DOES SHOULD SURPRISE ANYONE!

  3. Clint has worked hard his whole life. When he played Pinto and Mustang baseball at PG he was one of, if not,the smallest player out there but that did not stop him. He worked year round when other kids were just sitting around or doing other things besides working on their game. The neat thing was he did it on his own. Clint deserves the recognition he is getting and I hope that he continues to do well. Credit needs to go to his parents also for raising such a good person and taking the time to do the right things with him. Good luck to Clint and I look forward to reading more good things about him and the Army team.

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